Cat Pole Feather Dancer

1 Toy
: 5/5
Ingenious, high quality plastic cat pole with lots of different feathers and bendy extension, Made in USA. Complete length apprx. 80 cm....further information
Product description
Cat Pole Feather Dancer
Cat Pole Feather Dancer
Cat Pole Feather Dancer
Cat Pole Feather Dancer
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Cat Pole Feather Dancer

- 1 Toy


Product description

Ingenious, high quality plastic cat pole with lots of different feathers and bendy extension, Made in USA. Complete length apprx. 80 cm.

This cat dangler with natural feathers promises your cat hours of amusement.

On the end of the pole there is an apprx. 20 cm long extension with feathers. The feathers make a rustling sound with every movement - no cat will be able to resist. The feathers must be explored!

The feathers are dyed with non-toxic food colouring.

Cat Pole Feather Dancer at a glance:

  • natural feathers
  • dyed with non-toxic food colouring
  • bendy end
  • very robust
  • high quality production
  • Made in the USA
  • Size:
    • Total length: apprx. 80 cm
    • pole: L 46 cm
    • bendy pole extension: L 18 cm
Colours may vary illustration in photo upon delivery.

Caution: As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

19/02/24|Julia Ward
: 5/5
Only toy for cat!
This is now my cat’s only toy in her mind, we have a collection of wagglers which she used to play with but since this arrived she just looks disappointed if we offer to play with any others. It’s losing bits over time so I’ll have to stock up!
24/01/24|Jeanette Hollow
: 1/5
Very hard feathers
the feathers on this toy are very stiff, hard and brittle, my one of my cats ended up at the vets after ingesting bits while I wasn't looking, did not need an op but it was touch and go!!!
: 5/5
A hit!
Besides cat dancer toy, this is the only one (out of a good 20) that’s been a hit with my kitty. She just absolutely loves it. Would recommend!
: 5/5
Excellent- best cat toy by far
My cats adore this sbd have never played with anything else so well
: 5/5
My cat’s favourite toy!
My cat loves this. She goes mad as soon as I get it out and will run, jump and pounce for it until she’s worn out. I have to hide it really well when we’re not playing with it because she will hunt it out and drag it away and I once found her with it with a blue feather sticking out her mouth! It has lasted fairly well, although it has lost some feathers periodically, so I imagine I’ll need to replace it at some point
: 1/5
Dangerous toy
Be careful of this toy. Our cat has just returned from the vets after an operation to remove the little black cap that holds the feathers after the toy came apart and we didn't notice. He had somehow swallowed it and it got stuck in his intestine. Our cats loved the toy but not worth the risk.
: 4/5
Good, but...
It is a really good concept and creates different play as you can actually move the toy in a bit more fixed and controlled way as it is on a pole, not string. My kitten went mad for it, but it didn't last long at all, feathers started to fall out and the pole pulls out now, although you can put it back, but it is annoying as kitten now constantly pulls it out. The price also makes me reluctant to replace it too often, a pity really...
: 5/5
Amazing toy
Absolutely fantastic! One adult and two kittens both adore this toy!! Well worth every penny. So good I’m going to buy a other one when back in stock😺
05/02/21|Tanya Hitchcock
: 5/5
Best toy ever
My cat is addicted to this toy! In fact I have to hide it when I'm busy doing other things as he is so excited by it that he constantly bothers me to play with him! Forget all the other feather wands, this is the one to buy!
: 5/5
Amazing toy!
We have 2 kittens and one 8 year old adult cat. They all LOVE this toy. Very well made (especially considering how much they chase and chew it) the other feather dancer toys pale in to comparison. We will have to buy at least one more.
: 5/5
Please keep them in stock
One of our cats likes it, she is a madam and plays only when can do so without losing her dignity. And still, she plays with this toy. And our other cat loves this toy to bits. Literally. Mad about it. We bought him a few. He can count them. He knows where he left them. He can play with them by himself, he loves to carry them around the house. But most of all he loves when we play with him. So when he thinks it's time he brings all of them to our feet and screams at us until we obey.
: 5/5
My cat's favourite
Our cat absolutely loves this, he was playing with it as soon as it came out of the box, it is his favourite toy no comparison. He's quite rough with it so it has lost a few feathers and the end bit has had to be glued back, but it's an easy fix and then good as new. The wire bit is springy but sturdy, and still looks fine after a fair few bites from the cat. So far I've had it for over a month and we've played with it daily. I've bought another one in case it does pack up eventually.
: 5/5
Lots of fun - Excellent Toy!!
We bought this for our kitties who both love feathery dangler toys. This is their new favourite & they have spent hours playing with it and pester me to play. I have to hide it as one of our cats savages it given the chance & the feathers moult. Sadly it’s out of stock at the moment. I would love to order some more as presents for my friends kitties & ours too!!
: 5/5
Bobbys favourite
Bobby will get this toy out of his box every day and bring it upstairs to us so we play with him. It’s his absolute favourite! Timeless and has lasted so long!!
07/06/20|Ana C
: 5/5
Great toy! My cat is crazy for this.
My tabby is crazy for this toy. She jumped right at it since i took it out of the box. She got tired of old toys and nothing impressed her anymore but with this toy she’s playing for hours. I now bought a second batch. The feathers do come out especially if you have a little wild hunter like Mitzi, but it is worth the price for the pleasure it brings her.
: 1/5
Broken after 3 days
This was my kittens favourite toy, however it started loosing long feathers and then the end completely fell off! We only got the kitten 3 days ago, so it didn’t last long at all!
29/08/19|janette collins
: 1/5
Not the best toy ever
I had read the reviews so presumed it would be a good toy, with in a couple of minutes of my kitten playing with it the feathers started coming out. I’m really disappointed with this toy I can’t believe a toy that costs 3 times as much as other feather dangling toys isn’t half as good. In future will stick to the £1.99 ones that are such a bargain and last .
14/02/19|Shaun C
: 5/5
Best Toy I've ever bought
My 1 year old Kitten absolutely loves this toy, in fact it's the best toy she's had! She meows and cries like crazy until I dive bomb it down to her, then it's a mad hunt for hours on end. The only downside it's a bit messy on the carpet, but cats happiness outweighs tidy carpet.
: 3/5
Cat loves it so much it broke
One of the cats goes absolutely nuts with this toy. Straight out of the box, he started playing with it (the other one has less interest in it). Within about an hour of playing, the small surrounding feathers started breaking loose, and it has also lost a few of the larger quill feathers. The floppy feather end of the wand has also broken loose from the hard plastic wand end. I am disappointed with how quickly the whole thing fell apart, but the cat still loves it.
: 5/5
Send help...
My name is Zenith. I am a very large, long cat. I have been attacking this invader for the past three years. It takes a month of daily chasing and vicious mauling of the creature until finally its feathers fall off. However it respawns, in different colours. Again I attack and attack and attack...but still it lives. My friends, I may need your assistance in dealing with this persistent menace. Send help...and snacks.
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