KONG Stellar Teaser

1 Dangler
: 4/5
Cat dangler toy with extra-long band and a tweeting star with a microchip, with bright colours and unpredictable movements that awaken your cat’s curiosity and encourage interactive play....further information
Product description
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
KONG Stellar Teaser
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KONG Stellar Teaser

- 1 Dangler


Product description

Cat dangler toy with extra-long band and a tweeting star with a microchip, with bright colours and unpredictable movements that awaken your cat’s curiosity and encourage interactive play.

This interactive KONG Stellar Teaser can help to train your cat’s concentration and agility. It is the ideal toy for building the bond between you and your cat, offering hours of play together!

Wiggling the KONG Stellar Teaser around with its extra-long, fascinating tape will provide unpredictable movements, awakening your cat’s playing and hunting instincts.

An integrated microchip allows this toy with its star and three brightly-coloured bands to make a tweeting noise, delighting your cat’s curiosity. This KONG Stellar Teaser guarantees long-lasting, captivating entertainment for your cat!

KONG Stellar Teaser at a glance:

  • Interactive toy for cats with high entertainment needs
  • Extra-long tape: brightly coloured bands that make quick, unpredictable movements, awakening your cat’s hunting and playing instincts
  • With integrated microchip in the star: provides a tweeting noise for additional entertainment
  • With three brightly coloured bands attached to the star: to intrigue your cat’s curiosity
  • Colour:
    • Pole: transparent with gold glitter
    • Star: gold
    • Nylon band: rainbow-coloured
  • Material:
    • Pole: plastic (PVC)
    • Nylon band and star with microchip in rubber band: 100% polyester
  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: approx. 304.5cm
    • Pole: 46.5cm (L)
    • Star: approx. 9 x 9 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
    • Nylon band: approx. 243 x 2 cm (L x W)

Please note:
No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.

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Latest user reviews

: 4/5
kitten likes it adult doesn't
my adult cat is nonplussed but the kitten loves it. it is a bit long to use the full length so kitten mainly plays with the star and the fist 10cm of ribbon. bonus points for it being nice to look at for humans too as most cat toys are pretty ugly.
03/12/22|Debbie King
: 5/5
Excellent buy
Fantastic buy my 2 cats absolutely love it we have non stop play would highly recommended it so cheap as well in uk its double the price thanks so much loads of fun with it
: 4/5
Great but one small flaw
This is a fantastically designed toy, and our cat loves it. We call it the Rainbow, and he chases it for ages without getting bored. I just wish the elastic cord was somehow more durable; our cat has a thing for elastic, and he chews right through it. We are now onto our third Rainbow. Sigh.
: 2/5
Beautiful, but not popular with our cats
The long rainbow tail is gorgeous to look at and great fun to swoosh but it's too long to be interesting to the cats. And the noise that the star makes is awful and extremely easy to set off.
: 5/5
Very long
This ribbon is longer than imaginable, but the pole is quite short. Ideal for playing indoors or running around in a garden. My star doesn't tweet but that doesn't matter - it is another part of the game if your cat likes 'hide & pounce' play. Good value.
06/06/21|Steven robinson
: 3/5
Star stitching poor
Cats love the ribbon and play with it the tweeting star undecided but it seems the stitching is coming away opened it Friday night. Noticed Sunday morning stitching loose.
: 2/5
They love the band, they hate the tweeting star
My cats love to play with strings and bands, but this one feels a bit strange to use. The tweeting star is at the top of the band (end of the stick).So naturally, they look on it's direction, completely putting them off from playing with the 8ft long band, specially when they are chasing the end of the band. If the tweet sound was at the end of the band,it would have been fun for them. And because the tweeting mechanism is inside the star, it doesn't make it easy to throw the band far from you.
: 5/5
My cats love it
Have had this for nearly 3 months.My cats still love to play with it every day.Had to remove the stuffing & squeaker from the star as one of my cats is a chewer/destroyer of toys but the star itself is still going strong as well as the ribbon.My Birman is obsessed with snake-like toys & usually ruins them quickly (like the felt charmer toys) but this has stood up to everything he’s got.My Maine Coon who is indifferent to most toys is crazy about this one & charges after it like a kitten.
: 5/5
A hit
I brought this coz its different. Geeee it's long, so clear your room. Porsha loves dangly toys and this one is no exception. Well made, noisey, and bright
: 5/5
My cats say YES
A big hit in my household. I have 5 cats so it means there’s room for them all to have a bit of the toy at the same time if necessary. Even my one who doesn’t usually like dangler toys liked this. They definitely prefer it being dragged along the floor to waving in the air. Two particularly like the star & thin ribbons hanging off it. One cat loves it so much he carries it around the house dragging between his legs like a jaguar with an antelope & the others chase him!
: 5/5
Rainbow teaser
My cat normally doesn't bother with cat teasers but the long ribbon on this one, he loves it
: 5/5
Competing cats!
This is great for large cats. My 2 Maine Coons love it and they both want to have control of it so I am buying another one to keep them both happy at the same time. The star with the squeaker is great but not much fun on the end of the pole so I took it off and my boy likes to chase it around the floor. Two different types of toy in one
: 2/5
Not a good design
It is so long that my kitten doesn’t really know what to do with it. He just watches me doing gymnastics with a ribbon.
: 5/5
Rainbow fun
Our cats love this toy, its long enough that they can both play together (which is amazing because they don't usually like to share toys). Lovely colours and a great squeeker.
21/04/20|Sarah Bell
: 5/5
Great for chasing fun
My cats love this toy and spend ages trying to catch the ribbon and then the star. It tires them out and keeps them happy. Even the dog asks to play! The ribbon is extra-long, so I cut it to length and then tie the cut-off piece to a tree branch in the garden, so the cats can chase that about as well. Well worth the money :)
: 1/5
My kitten loved this... until the squeak part started going off continuously whilst it was in the cupboard. Sounded like a car alarm! Unfortunately after a while the loud noise was making us all uncomfortable so I had to cut it out of the star and then cut the wires to get it to stop. So disappointed because this happened on the first night of use.
27/07/19|Dagmara Klimczak
: 4/5
Long and colourful fun
It is quite good. Cats like chasing it, however it is super long which can be a problem if your house is not big. The start makes a noise if you shake it stronger, which is great because you can do it but if you don't have. My cats like it, however for me too long.