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The KONG is a popular cat toy available in lots of different shapes. It will satisfy all your cat's hunting and playing instincts!

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KONG Connects Window Teaser

4.99 4.99 GBP 1
1 Toy
Was  £5.49
Now  £4.99
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KONG Cat Cork Ball

2.99 2.99 GBP 1
1 Toy
RRP*  £3.00
Our Price  £2.99
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KONG Kickeroo Kitten

2.79 2.79 GBP 1
1 Toy
RRP*  £3.29
Our Price  £2.79
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KONG Kickeroo Giraffe

3.29 3.29 GBP 1
1 Toy
RRP*  £4.38
Our Price  £3.29
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KONG Feather Mouse with Catnip

2.79 2.79 GBP 1
1 Toy
RRP*  £3.30
Our Price  £2.79
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KONG Better Buzz Cat Cigar

3.99 3.99 GBP 1
1 Toy
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KONG Crackles Winkz Catnip Toy

4.49 4.49 GBP 1
1 Toy
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KONG Connects Kitty Comber

7.39 7.39 GBP 1
1 Comb
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KONG Cat Toys

Premium quality toys that are bound to be adored!

KONG is well known for creating fun, long-lasting and innovative toys that pets cannot get enough of, and the KONG cat toys collection is no exception!

Offering everything from uniquely designed dangler style toys to catnip delights to battery-powered toys to chase, KONG cat toys has something for every interest and you are bound to find something that will be a hit. Each toy is robust and well made, to help ensure maximum life and minimum chance of your cat breaking the toy and injuring itself. Many of these toys can also be attached to larger toys, such as cat trees or scratching pads.
KONG cat toys are a great way of stimulating your cat’s hunting and playing instincts, satisfying its natural needs. A number of these toys can also be attached toy windows or chairs, meaning that your cat can enjoy playing even when you are away from the house or busy, ensuring your furniture is never your cat’s go-to toy!

Browse the full selection of KONG cat toys available here at zooplus, to ensure your cat is always entertained:

  • KONG Connects: following the well-known design of a dangler toy but with innovative twists, the KONG Connects collection is fun and interactive, featuring bright colours, feathers and unpredictable movements that your cat will love to chase and swipe at. These exciting toys encourage your cat to entertain itself even when you cannot join in and can be attached to windows, chairs and other cat toys to allow this independence. They all feature enticing catnip and other such features to really heighten your cat’s senses!
  • KONG Kickeroo: this range of KONG cat toys features a selection of different toy types, including fun animal designs and the Stix range, which doubles up as a plush cuddle buddy as well as being a rattle. Again, these toys offer catnip that helps encourage your cat to get involved, which in turn encourages exercise and movement.
  • Other KONG toys: any KONG cat toy is a great choice for your feline! They are strong, robust and offer long-lasting, enthralling fun for both you and your cat. From feather mice to tumbling flowers to natural cork designs, the KONG cat toy range offers variety and excitement, to ensure your cat is always happy and active, as well as being mentally stimulated. There are even battery-powered interactive toys that whirl feathers and stimulate your cat’s natural desire to hunt. Offer your cat a variety of different toys to find its favourite!
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    Find the perfect toy for your cat here at zooplus with our complete range of premium quality cat toys.
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