Crinkle Dancer Pole

1 Toy
: 4/5
A sturdy toy pole for your cat. The gorgeous feathers are dyed with natural food colour and rustling foil. Made in USA. Length approx. 70 cm...further information
Product description
Crinkle Dancer Pole
Crinkle Dancer Pole
Crinkle Dancer Pole
Crinkle Dancer Pole
Crinkle Dancer Pole
Crinkle Dancer Pole
Crinkle Dancer Pole
Crinkle Dancer Pole
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Crinkle Dancer Pole

- 1 Toy


Product description

A sturdy toy pole for your cat. The gorgeous feathers are dyed with natural food colour and rustling foil. Made in USA. Length approx. 70 cm

This beautiful pole which guarantees hours of fun for you and your cat.

When you move the Crinkle Dancer pole the rustling foil which is incorporated around the feathers starts to rustle and catches your cat's attention. The feathers are attached to a bendy extension so they move around, inviting your cat to play. The sturdy pole is well-made and very comfortable to hold. You and your cat will have lots of fun together. The Crinkle Dancer Pole at a glance:

  • Natural feathers
  • Dyed with natural food colour
  • With rustle layer
  • Bendy section
  • Very well made
  • Stury
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: approx. 70 cm
    • Pole: L 46 cm
    • Bendy pole extension: L 12 cm

The colours of the pole you receive may differ from the photo.

Please note: As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

29/07/19|Fiona Wilson
: 3/5
Too large for small breeds
This is a very well made toy and appeals to both sound and sight. However, the head is huge by comparison to other ‘feather duster’ type wand toys. My cats took one look and told me to stuff it! My girl is obsessed with wand toys so I can only assume she was put off my the size.
: 5/5
His favourite toy
This is by far our kitten's favourite toy. He plays with it with us, he plays with it on his own, he carries it around the house. He attacks it and chews on it and it's still intact - very well made!
: 4/5
Good but not as well made as it used to be.
My cats kill their toys really quickly. Feathers plucked out in seconds. We became a fan of this particular toy as it was really strong and well made, and used to last the boys a few weeks before it became featherless. Not anymore. As soon as I give one of my cat boys a new Crinkle Dancer its feathers are out in seconds.Very disappointing now. We will keep buying this toy though as it's still stronger then other similar toys, which really just goes to show how feeble other cat dangler toys really are.
: 5/5
maine coon proof
my maine coon destroys things. he's been working on this for a month now and it's still in one piece. anything that survives the mane coon paws of doom is semi - miraculous
: 2/5
No good
Not good at all for the money, picture not clear and thought it was a wooden pole , not plastic. Feathers were dropping off this before even taking it out of the box. Much smaller than the picture suggests. Will not be buying this again , my Savannah's would reck this in seconds given the chance.
19/06/14|Joanne Leighton
: 5/5
Been getting the cheaper versions for ages but decided to buy a more expensive one to see how it compares. A few initial feathers come off but after that it's stayed in very good shape, even with 2 moggies & a Maine Coon kitten playing with it every day!
14/11/13|Varuni S
: 5/5
Lots of fun for cat and caretaker and Destructocat safe
Our two adore this toy and its the only toy guaranteed to get our overweight tabby tiger running and jumping like a maniac. Its very well made and so far has stood up to a week of play/mauling and has only lost 2 feathers (toys like this usually last 5 mins max with our two). I don't leave it out because our kitties would exhaust themselves playing with it and have now started getting big-eyed pathetic stares and mews of complaint when I put this toy away!
10/11/13|Varuni S
: 5/5
Whoever made this toy should get an award
After buying a very cheap feather dangler toy that was loved by our 2 cats but only lasted for 5 minutes we decided to try a slightly more expensive one. This is a fantastic toy and its very well made - our 6kg house tiger has had 3-4 vigorous play (and kill the featherbeast!) sessions with this for about 10 mins at a time and its only lost 2 feathers. He loves this toy so much that he lies on it when he's having a breather so I can't take it away. He's an indoor cat and loves his food but even his favourite treat cannot get him away from this toy. He's a bit of a chewer (we occasionally get him non-rawhide puppy chews toys) and has had a good go on this numerous times and there's no damage at all (except for the 2 feathers that have fallen off) and he even complains and gives us pathetic looks when we put it away. It's definitely got the destructocat seal of approval!
: 5/5
Lovely toy
This toy is fantastic, really good quality, lovely colours and my cat goes mad for it!