recipe changed

Why they changed recipe. Was so good! My cat do not like any more! He is so fussy and now I’m struggling to feed him. Please back to previous one.


Changed recipe

My can has a chicken allergy. It’s a nightmare getting anything for him that doesn’t contain “meat and animal derivatives “ because that always includes chicken. When I found Feringa, I was over the moon, but now, it’s changed, it’s sloppy pate type stuff that my cat refuses to eat it. I’ve spent an absolute fortune in the last few months on this food, doing a bulk buy to save money, and now I don’t know what to do. My cat isn’t fussy, he’ll eat anything, so I don’t know what’s wrong.


Absolutely Fabulous (just wish it was cheaper)

Our year old ragdoll always had an upset tummy, even on Royal Canin. Since switching to Feringa Pure she's a different cat, full of beans and growing quickly without any diarrhoea. Feringa is expensive but each perfect poop is worth its weight in gold! Although, it didn't help our ginger Tom much, he ended up on royal canin gastrointestinal after a trip to the vets, but every cat is unique. Well worth a try if you've got a fussy cat (or two!) with a dodgy tummy.

03/25/22 | Mary


ALMOST ALWAYS out of stock…

03/24/22 | Debbie Standen

Cats dont like at all

Bought the mixed flavours. I have 3 cats and they have turned their noses up at all flavours.

03/06/22 | Karen

Changed recipe and not good

This is for the chicken variety. My 3 cats used to love this. It now makes one of them sick and the other 2 won’t touch it. The tin was open for 3hrs and the food went grey and stank! I will not be buying this again

02/21/22 | Karen

Product has changed

My cats used to love this until my last order. One of them won’t touch it and she’ll eat almost anything. The other 2 will eat it but leave half of it. I opened a tin earlier today and within 3hrs the remainder had gone grey and smelled bad. I do t know what has happened to this food but it has changed and I won’t be ordering again. They also like MACs which is very similar and much better.


all my cats got ill off this

I have indoor only cats and they never mix with other felines they have all been sick after having this product and they have blood in their stools this has never happened before even when they have consumed human food this doesn't happen I'm very disapoited and I. feel terrible giving my fur babies something that has made them so unwell

09/18/21 | Liz

Great single protein food

My cat is allergic to most protein but does fine with rabbit and loves this food. She absolutely gobbles it up. You just have to cut it up a bit when first scooped from the tin and occasionally there’s hard pieces of some animal part but overall she loves it and more importantly it doesn’t give her an allergic reaction.

08/06/21 | Daira

Waste of money!

My cats didn't even touch it they hated it. For 3 days I tried only giving this food and they didn't eat it!

04/29/21 | Kristina Kazlauskiene

The cat completely refuses to eat this food

The cat completely refuses to eat this food

03/06/21 | Vandana Awasthi

My cat is not a fan

wasted 2 out of 4 cans, thinking cat might develop a taste.. but he wouldn't have any of it.


The best food we've tried

I started using this as I was looking for a single protein food with few ingredients to use for an elimination diet. Fortunately, we've established that my boy's allergy was his litter and not food, but he enjoyed this so much, we've now introduced a couple of additional flavours to the repertoire, with clean bowls every time! Because it is such a high meat content, it is a drier product than most commercial cat foods, so I just add a couple of tablespoons of warm water and mash it together.

01/13/21 | Sasha

Definitely recommend it!!

My cat loves it! A can full of compacted meat! Much better than their kitten food I would say.

01/13/21 | Henrik

Happy cat, happy me!

My British Shorthair loves Feringa so I am definitely going to keep buying it, so far I’ve only tried Rabbit and Lamb which both go down a treat! Cat seems to massively prefer it to other more expensive foods, which I’m not even sure are any better for him. Happy cat, happy me!

01/12/21 | Monika

Transition from Felix

I have managed to finally transist my fuss puss to healthy food. Took me ages, tried almost everything and then found the Feringa Chicken. Took me 10 days to fully transist her to it and she licks the bowl now! She's got more energy, her coat looks great and she sleeps better. Would definitely recommend.

10/26/20 | Liz

Cats love it

I have two very picky cats, one who won’t even touch anything without gravy but weirdly they both absolutely love this food and lick the bowl clean. I’ve only tried the rabbit flavor so far but will likely try some others to see how they like it.

10/25/20 | originally published in zooplus.de


Very good food. Easy transition.

09/08/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Top quality

It's clear to see that this is high quality and well worth the money. Our cat loves it. We have never heard him smacking and enjoying his food like this. Every time he leaves his bowl totally empty.

07/06/20 | Jolita

Persian wouldn’t touch it

After reading the description I thought it should be good for my Persian to try. It looks and smells ok. Unfortunately, he has different opinion and wouldn’t touch the food. So whole pack goes to waste. Maybe it is the texture of food - not sure as it is second try of Feringa wet food for us without success.

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