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Rabbits and bunnies require a well-balanced meal plan, composed of hay, dry food and greens. With the right mixture of these components, your bunny will stay healthy and fit. You're sure to find the right dry food here at zooplus.

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1 - 4 of 4 products
1 - 4 of 4 products

Wholesome complementary feed designed to support good health in adult rabbits and help prevent selective feeding, rich in fibre and key nutrients, with added mint for unbeatable flavour.

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Nutrient-rich Timothy Hay with a fresh natural scent, designed to support your rabbit's digestion and encourage natural foraging and chewing behaviours, great for dental health and overall wellbeing.

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A sweet-smelling Timothy Hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, high in fibre and with 100% natural ingredients, with dandelion for urinary tract health and marigold for the immune system.

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A delicious complementary nugget food designed to support health and wellbeing in junior rabbits and dwarf rabbits, rich in fibre and offering key nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc and iron.

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  • Delicious food for your hopping long-eared friend

    They hop, sniff and have cute beady eyes - so it's no wonder that rabbits are among the most popular pet type. But what is the difference between hares and rabbits? Even on the outside, the difference between a hare and a rabbit is quite recognisable. The hare is slender, tall, has longer ears and strong hind legs. He weighs between four and six kilograms. In contrast, the body of a wild rabbit is small and stocky. It weighs around two kilos and has relatively short ears compared to the hare. Hares and rabbits are often mistakenly linked to rodents. Strictly speaking, however, the hopping little animals belong to the hare-like family and are mammals. In addition to the wild rabbit, there are now around 100 different rabbit breeds that have been bred and kept as pets.

  • What can rabbits eat?

    The wild relatives of our house rabbits mainly feed on grass, herbs, leaves and the green of vegetable plants and plant roots. This fiber-rich diet is important for rabbits to wear down their continuously growing teeth and to keep their intestines functioning properly. Even if our pets look different from their wild relatives, their digestion still works the same. For a species-appropriate diet, grass, herbs and hay are therefore important. Together with fresh water, this should always be available in sufficient quantities. A rabbit's diet should also include dry nuggets, fresh vegetables, lettuce and occasionally some fruit. In addition, snacks and treats can also be offered in small quantities. However, the following applies: the higher the raw fiber content, the better - because rabbits are not naturally grain eaters. The food offered should ideally be rich in raw fiber and low in energy.

  • How much food does a rabbit need?

    In addition to hay, which must always be available in sufficient quantity, rabbits should also be given fresh food once or twice a day. In total, a rabbit needs about 100g of fresh food per kilogram of body weight. The fresh food portions should mainly consist of well-structured, fiber-rich food. Grasses, herbs, lettuce and vegetable leaves are ideal for this. A smaller part of the portion should consist of vegetables such as carrots, celery or chicory. Fruit, such as apples or pears, should only be given in small amounts because of the fructose. The fruits and vegetables should of course be washed before feeding.

  • Which rabbit food is good?

    At zooplus, you will find balanced food and snacks for your pets. For example, JR Farm produces the best Bavarian quality according to the motto "From the field to the bag". The rabbit food consists of fresh grass, blossoms and vegetables rich in vitamins. Burgess Excel is another fantastic choice, it’s high in fiber, contains natural ingredients and lots of key nutrients, and is designed to support good health in rabbits. At zooplus, you will also find lots of nutrient-rich feeding hay, nibble grass and delicious dried vegetable mixtures for hares and rabbits.

  • Why is it worth buying rabbit food from zooplus?

    In addition to rabbit food, you will find everything else you need for your little long-eared friends at zooplus. Are you still looking for the right outdoor enclosure or accessories for your rabbit hutch? At zooplus, we have a great selection of rabbit toys, runs, cages, hutches and accessories to choose from. You can easily order your products and receive your package within a few days. You can also save money with our wonderful promotions. Take a look around!

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