Guinea Pig Food

In order to help you keep variety in your guinea pig's menu, here you'll find a rich selection of dry foods. For your pet's health and happiness don't forget that it also needs hay and greens.

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1 - 3 of 3 products
1 - 3 of 3 products

Burgess Excel Herby Hearts with Mixed Herbs & Apple are high in fibre, grass based treats to be hand fed to small pets which can help strengthen the pet-owner-bond.

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Burgess Excel Nature Snacks Fruity Feasts are perfect for hand-feeding your pet. Carefully crafted treats with a delicious recipe which is high in fibre and grass based.

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A complementary pet food designed to offer your guinea pig the nutrients it needs for good health, with a range of key ingredients and beneficial fibre in a tasty recipe including mint.

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Guinea pig food - Delicious menus for small rodents

These cute little rodents originate from the South American Andes and are among the most popular pets today, especially among families with children. Apart from their cute appearance, guinea pigs are easy to keep. Guinea pigs are pack animals and have a very pronounced social behaviour. They have extensive body language and communicate with each other with a variety of noises. Therefore, these small rodents should never be kept alone, but always at least in pairs or even better in a group. In some countries, such as Switzerland, keeping guinea pigs alone is now even prohibited and is considered cruelty to animals.

What can guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs need a balanced diet to absorb enough vitamin C, as they cannot produce it themselves. A guinea pig's daily diet includes fresh herbs, pellets, grass from the meadow and various vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and washed leafy greens. Fresh hay and water should also always be available to the sociable rodents. In addition, snacks and food mixtures with valuable vitamins and minerals can be fed in small quantities. Don’t give guinea pigs citrus fruits or lawnmower clippings and some plants are poisonous to them – so keep that in mind!

How much food does a guinea pig need per day?

Guinea pigs eat many small portions a day, with the main portion of food naturally being consumed during the twilight hours. The small rodents therefore need a varied food supply around the clock. Hay and water should always be available in sufficient quantities. Furthermore, it is recommended to offer additional fresh grass and vitamin-rich vegetables.

What snacks & food are available for guinea pigs?

Dry and fresh food and snacks provide guinea pigs with a balanced mix of important vitamins, minerals and fibre in addition to hay, grass and vegetables. As guinea pigs do not naturally eat grain, food mixes should have a high crude fibre content. Varied food mixtures and supplies for guinea pigs are available at zooplus from various manufacturers such as Burgess Excel or JR Farm.

Why is it worth buying guinea pig food at zooplus?

The social life of guinea pigs, scurrying around in their group, is cute to watch. To give you more time to watch your little friends, you can find everything you need for your pet at zooplus besides guinea pig food. Browse our great selection of toys and accessories too! Ordering from Zooplus is easy and convenient, simply select the guinea pig food and supplies you want and order with just a few clicks. Your order will be delivered quickly and reliably to your door within a few days. Take a look around and discover our range of fantastic special offers!