Ferret Food

We offer both Dry & Wet Ferret Foods and even Kit Food, each of these specialty foods for ferrets are designed to match their unique nutritional requirements; improving their well-being and keeping them energetic.

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Food supplement for ferrets, a tasty paste on salmon basis, with essential taurine and vitamins for a strong immune system and a glossy coat, sugar-free, exclusive to zooplus!

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Complete nutrition for your ferret

Ensure your ferret stays healthy and happy by providing it with the ideal nutrition. Here at zooplus you will find a range of wet ferret food and dry ferret food options to provide your small pet with everything it needs to support it. Each dish has been tailored to your ferret’s needs, for well-being and energy.

What kind of ferret food does zooplus offer?

The selection of ferret food available here at zooplus is designed to meet your small pet’s unique nutritional needs, with plenty of protein and balanced levels of essential nutrients such as taurine. Each dish is made using delicious ingredients that your ferret will love, including chicken hearts, beef and offal.

Here at zooplus you can find wet ferret food in a variety of flavours and can sizes, as well as dry food. Dry ferret food is available in complete grain- and gluten-free options, with pellets that are ideal for combining and providing both texture and flavour. No matter which options you and your ferret prefer, here at zooplus you will find a ferret food to meet your needs.

What about small pet accessories?

Choosing the right ferret food is essential for keeping your small pet in the best possible health. However, you also need to consider things such as small pet cages, nesting materials and snacks, especially if you are new to owning a ferret. zooplus offers everything you need for a happy and hygienic ferret-owning experience!