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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Health

Dogs with renal health problems, such as kidney disease, can benefit from the support of this dietetic dry dog food from Royal Canin.

Important information: Please consult your vet before feeding your pet with a therapeutic veterinary diet. You should take your pet to the vet for a check-up every 6 months. Should your pet's health worsen while using this product, please seek veterinary advice immediately. By adding this product to your shopping basket you are confirming that you have read and understood the above information.
2 products
2 products

Dry Food

Complete dry food for dogs over 1 year which suffer with chronic or temporary renal insufficiency. Supports the renal function and helps to reduce oxalate stone formation.

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£63.49 £4.54 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 14kg
individually priced £126.98 Now£124.99 £4.46 / kg

Well accepted dry food for dogs with kidney problems, including chronic renal insufficiency. Designed to ease pressure on the kidneys, with antioxidants and EPA/DHA.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
£48.99 £4.90 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg
individually priced £97.98 Now£94.99 £4.75 / kg

Royal Canin Renal Dog Food

Support your dog's renal health with this vet recommended diet

If your dog suffers from renal health problems, then Royal Canin renal dog food can help provide for its specific nutritional needs. This therapeutic diet, with a proven recipe, is designed to support dogs with renal problems in conjunction with veterinary treatment.
Royal Canin renal dog food is available in both wet and dry food varieties, with a range of dishes to choose from. Every wet dish and dry kibble is rich in flavour and offers the vital support needed during a period of poor health, with a taste your dog will love. Salmon, chicken and pork all feature in Royal Canin renal dog food, which has been formulated to be well received as well as beneficial.
Browse the full range of Royal Canin renal dog food here at zooplus in order to support your dog's health, whether it be suffering from chronic or temporary renal insufficiency. These dishes can also help prevent the build-up of painful urinary stones and reduce the renal workload, which can be vital for dogs suffering from chronic or temporary renal insufficiency. However, in these nutritious foods, Royal Canin never compromises on flavour, as it knows that this diet won't do your dog any good if it isn't tasty too!

Take a look at the entire selection of Royal Canin renal dog food here at zooplus:

  • Dry Food: The range of dry Royal Canin renal dog food is complete and balanced, with the ideal mineral level to help reduce oxalate stone formation and reduce the amount of work your dog's kidneys are required to do, as well as having urine alkalising properties. Choose one of these dietetic kibbles to help keep your dog in the best health possible and support a healthy urinary tract and kidney function.
  • Wet Food: Royal Canin wet renal dog food, available in cans, in a range of delicious flavours that your dog will love. The recipes are well accepted and can help relieve symptoms of renal insufficiency, as well as provide a balanced metabolism. A complete wet food diet ensures your dog will keep coming back for more of this nutritious dish that can support health and recovery.

Cats and dogs can suffer from a multitude of health issues, all of which can be supported with the full range of Royal Canin Veterinary Diet pet food available here at zooplus!
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