Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison

: 4/5
Low-fat Canibit snack mixture of ostrich & venison, delicious snack for between meals, wheat-free, rolling chews, low in fat and cholesterol, apprx. 2 - 3 cm long....further information
Product description
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison
£10.51 / kg

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Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison

- 275g

£10.51 / kg

CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits

- 600g

£4.98 / kg

Product description

Low-fat Canibit snack mixture of ostrich & venison, delicious snack for between meals, wheat-free, rolling chews, low in fat and cholesterol, apprx. 2 - 3 cm long.

Crispy Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison with ostrich and venison.
The cookies come in a handy size and shape are ideal for training or when you're out and about. The snacks are approx. 2 - 3 cm long and also suitable for smaller dogs. This chew snack is low in fat and cholesterol and wheat-free. They have a hard consistency, each snack weighs approx. 8-9g.

Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison at a glance:

  • Ostrich as an alternative to traditional meat varieties
  • Delicious ostrich and venison mix
  • Length: approx. 2 - 3cm, weight: 8 - 9g
  • Ideal size and shape for training
  • Delicious snack for when you're on the go or between meals
  • Low fat & low cholesterol
  • Wheat-free
Caniland Cookies with Ostrich & Venison - Hearty and simply delicious!

Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.



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50% meat and animal by-products (incl. 42% poultry, 4% ostrich, 4% venison), grains, sugar, vegetable by-products, minerals.

Additives per kg:
Technological additives:
Preservatives, emulsifier.

Supplementary dog food.

Analytical constituents

protein30.0 %
fat7.0 %
fibre1.0 %
ash18.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:
Small to medium-sized dogs, 3-5 snacks per day.
Large dogs 4-6 snacks per day.


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Latest user reviews

10/05/23 | John Pidgeon
: 5/5

Great treats!

I’ve been using these for over 3 years now, my cockers love them. Good size for all dogs, highly recommended.
: 5/5

Excellent treat for all sized dogs!

My min pin just loves this, she is willing to make all possible tricks for them, perfectly for training. I'm going to book them again.
04/12/21 | Bronwen
: 5/5

Good treats

These are a nice size for small to medium dogs. I'm sure larger size dogs would enjoy them too but may need a few more. :) My rescue dog enjoys them and I buy them on repeat, each time I order.
27/03/21 | Victoria Margaret Paige Pearse
: 5/5

GSD loves these treats

My 8 year old GSD has allergies so we had to ditch her old treats as they have wheat in them. She loves these treats so much therefore will turn her nose up any alternative treats as she doesn't want to accept anything else on her walks.
: 5/5


Tried these as a change from the usual treats. Our dig absolutely loves them.
: 5/5

Very hard but enjoyed by all

My large dogs enjoy these and don't finish them to quickly, which is a bonus.
: 5/5

Good for Big Dogs

My Dobie likes these wedged in his kong trax to chew up, they are very crunchy and a good size.
27/10/17 | Taran
: 3/5

Not Great For Small Breed Dogs

Both my Maltese dogs could not chew these as they were solid hard! however the Husky enjoyed it and was great on his first walk to the park. Good for training bigger dogs
: 1/5

Canibit cookies with ostrich and vennison

I purchased these 'top end treats' for my eight month old labrador, sadly they made him sick within minutes and the packet went in the bin. I wouldn't recommend, perhaps they are too rich. My dog has not had any reaction to any other foods so I dont think he has a particularly sensitive stomach.
07/12/16 | Becky Howell
: 4/5

Okay for big dogs

Wouldn't say these are suitable for small dogs, the picture makes the treats look small but they're actually some of the biggest treats ive brought and are rock solid so my small dogs really struggled to bite into them
11/02/14 |
: 5/5

She loves them

My 2 year old GSD has always been fussy and never eats treats or other doggy snacks- but we got these free with her Bosch Food and i am amazed that she really likes them. She did sniff them out for a while but then took the plunge and now as soon as she sees them her tail is wagging- i have just bought some more to top up her treat jar-
30/07/13 | Anna
: 5/5

Doggilicious Canibit cookies

Both my Labs and all there chums in the park love these and I've never got enough! Highly recommend as a training treat.
30/04/13 | Lynne Adams
: 5/5

Yum Yum We Love Them

Bought these as well as the usual ostrich biscuits for variety,went down very well with both dogs and what I liked about these cookies even though my dogs are very large they had to chew them rather than just swallowing them whole,also they seem to suit sensitive digestions like the other ostrich biscuits so HAPPY DOGS,HAPPY OWNERS :)
17/08/10 | Russell Thomas
: 3/5

Fallen out of love with these

My two year old Wheaten Terrier loved these to start with when they came free with his Hills feed. However on second purchase he is now very iffy about them. But he is quite fussy about his food. They are quite large and hard but that does not bother him.
10/06/09 | Jo
: 3/5

very hard biscuits

lazy poodles find these too hard to chew and I end up having to break them up.
26/04/09 | Kenara
: 5/5

FAB !!!

I have an old american cocker and his teeth arn't great but even tho they are quite hard and large but he still manages to eat them and cant get enuff !!! I am a dog groomer and all the dogs that come in to the shop have given them the thumbs up so its a 10 out of 10 !!
13/01/09 | GSK
: 4/5

a bit big...

my small terrier cross loved these but can't eat them unless I break them up for her. I found them a bit hard to break though untill i tried using a nutcracker!
28/10/08 | Carol
: 5/5

These go down a treat! ;p

My Bullmastiff loves these and I love giving them to her as I know they are far better for her than the usual dog biscuits and treats. Happy house all round!
19/07/08 | Shen
: 4/5

Very Tempting but a little large!

I am a dog walker and trainer, so I have been trying these treats with a whole variety of different dogs.
As a general rule, the dogs loved them!
However, they're quite big, I had to break them up into small pieces. I will definately be buying them again, the small effort of breaking them up is worth it for the look of anticipation on the dogs faces!