CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits

: 4/5
Delicious low fat dog biscuits with hearty ostrich meat and an irresistible vanilla aroma, suitable also for dogs with a tendency to gain weight....further information
Product description
CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits
CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits
CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits
CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits
CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits
CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits
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Product description

Delicious low fat dog biscuits with hearty ostrich meat and an irresistible vanilla aroma, suitable also for dogs with a tendency to gain weight.

Dog biscuits add a bit of variety to your pet's everyday diet. CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits are a special treat for between meals. The biscuit contains tasty ostrich meat and an irresistible vanilla aroma.

Treat your dog between meals with Biscuits without having to worry because these biscuits are so low in cholesterol and fat. The ostrich snack is also suitable for dogs with weight problems. This delicious snack is really light and digestible.

Apprx. size of one biscuit: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 cm (LxWxH) and apprx. weight: 3 g.

CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits:

  • delicious dog biscuits as a treat between meals
  • bring some variety to your dog's everyday diet
  • with tasty ostrich meat
  • irresistible vanilla aroma
  • easy to digest
  • low cholesterol
  • low fat
CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits - a delicious treat between meals for gourmet dogs.

Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.


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Grains, oils and fats, meat and animal by-products (4% ostrich), sugar, minerals.
Technological additives:
Preservatives, emulsifier.

Sensory additives:

Analytical constituents

protein12.0 %
fat8.0 %
fibre2.0 %
ash3.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:
Feed twice a day as a snack or reward between meals.

Dietary supplement for dogs.


CANIBIT Ostrich Biscuits
: 4/5
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: 5/5
Dogs favourite
Great value , my dogs favourite above all other treats , bag fils a medium kilner jar
: 5/5
All the dogs love them
Ordered these for my pup and he and all the dogs at our park love them they're a good size ,don't smell and best of all they float!! Which when your trying to get your pup used to water is brilliant he now enjoys paddling in the stream while looking for the floating treats even my friends ETT who doesn't like water goes in for these fabulous little biscuits so 5 * from us
: 5/5
Dogs love them
Fab little Biscuits my dogs absolutely love these , they don’t usually get excited for dry biscuits but these they do , good size pack for the money also
: 5/5
Great treat!
These treats are great as they are low fat but my cockerpoo is very motivated by them. They are low scent, which is good as your hands don't smell, but this doesn't seem to detract from their attraction for Ziggy.
25/08/22|John Howat
: 5/5
Just right for my Flatcoat
Clean, dry, non-greasy, sensible size for diet control and very popular with my dog.
14/08/22|Ian Barnes
: 5/5
Training treat's
Excellent for distance training eg agility and hooper's as they can be thrown and just the right size for the dog to catch, also easy to find in the grass
: 5/5
Great when training on grass!
I used these when doing the first stages of Hoopers training, and still use them when training on grass - the dogs can find them because of the colour and size. They've been very useful and are well accepted by my collies.
: 4/5
All my dogs really like them and for my mastiffs they are the perfect size for training treats.
: 3/5
Great value but dog wasn't a fan
I thought these were really great value and unlike many dog treats they weren't stinky, unfortunately Luna is quite choosy and did not choose to eat these! They've been passed on to my parent's labrador who will (in true labrador style) eat almost anything so they won't go to waste!
: 5/5
Tasty little biscuit
I put three or four of these into a small Kong with some liver paste smeared round the inside as a ‘’goodbye, stay and look after the house” treat. Also a quick grab for treats on walks. They don’t smell - my golden retriever loves them
: 5/5
May fussy girl thinks these are wonderful, she immediately sits and waits for her treat with gusto
: 1/5
Crumbly flavourless rubbish
Bought these as I'd hoped they'd be like the usual vanilla flavoured 'Stickies' Zooplus used to sell. These arn't vanilla flavoured & if there's any Ostrich in them I'd be staggered. They're fragile crumbly macaroon textured 'biscuits' with no substance or flavour but a look & smell bland & sugary. Not a good treat by any standard & certainly not a satisfactory replacement for the original & lovely Stickies which were real biscuits that my dogs loved. Please get them back Zooplus.
: 3/5
not so good as usual ones
the other Ostrich stickies were bigger crispier, the new ones are more suitable for very small dogs and puppies. my med dog a Cavachon just put in mouth one crunch and swallow . the other ones were an inch and crunchie, these are soft buscuit and little round blobs.
: 1/5
Beware - changed for the worse!
Zooplus - you need to change your picture of these. They are now small, round, crumble and lack any smell what-so-ever. I did contact Zooplus and they confirmed that the manufacturers have altered the composition QUOTE "Please be advised that we have contacted the supplier and according to their information CANIBIT Cookies with Ostrich & Venison product has been changed recently to a more improved recipe" I, TOO, WILL NOT BE BUYING THESE BISCUITS AGAIN.
: 1/5
They have changed these treats !! And not for the better
Such a shame !!! Been buying these treats for a long time as they were perfect for my dog. Ordered 6 more packets only to find they have changed them. They are no longer the nice hard golden coloured treats that smelt divine even to us were safe to pop in your pocket knowing they were tough enough to stand the bumping around in there on your walk to a smaller round pasty whitish looking crumbling mess that has no smell to speak of and you will now find as you try to get it out of your pocket. !! Won't be buying again
: 4/5
My dogs seem to enjoy eating them. They were a bit funny at first (most likely from not having anything like it before). But they seem to enjoy it now. Perfect for little treats when walking or training.
: 5/5
Dogs love 'em
Our dogs love them and so do the dogs at the Veterinary where my wife works, plus one of the senior vets approve.
25/09/14|Pam Phillips
: 5/5
Loves them
I opened the large box that delivery came in, first thing my GSD did was grab a bag of these after inspecting all the other goodies definitely one to take on walks.
: 5/5
A perfect reward
My dog loves these and I use them as a reward so she knows they're for special treat times. I am very careful and fussy with her diet so I like the fact that these are good for her. I have a few in my pocket on walks and have given some to other dogs, to the owners' surprise, as they had never heard of them. I think that Zooplus have new customers because of that! Thank you.
: 5/5
Great as breakfast biscuits.
My 2 JRT crosses love these biscuits for their breakfast. They have just 10 biscuits each so a pack lasts them a long time. They have been having these for a good few months now and have not tired of them, unlike other biscuits I have tried them on. They then have their complete dried food split between lunch and teatime.