Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass

Bowl + Seeds (50g)
: 3/5
Decorative ceramic bowl with cute cat motif, suitable as a food or water bowl, includes 50g packet of cat grass seeds to get started, helps promote healthy digestion, prevents hairballs, easy to use....further information
Product description
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass
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Product description

Decorative ceramic bowl with cute cat motif, suitable as a food or water bowl, includes 50g packet of cat grass seeds to get started, helps promote healthy digestion, prevents hairballs, easy to use.

Cats swallow lots of fur when they groom themselves every day. If this hair remains in the stomach for a long time, it can form harmful hairballs. Cat grass is a natural way to aid digestion and prevent swallowed fur from turning into hairballs in the digestive tract.

It is highly recommended to provide cat grass to house cats that never go outside. This ceramic bowl comes with a 50g packet of seeds so you can start offering cat grass to your kitty very soon. This decorative bowl can also be used for food or water.

Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass at a glance:

  • Elegant ceramic bowl & cat grass seeds to grow your own at home
  • Helps digestion: provides cats with grass, which they require to stay healthy
  • Reusable bowl: cat grass can always be replanted
  • Ready to use straightaway: includes 50g of seeds to plant straightaway
  • Lovely design: decorated with cat pattern
  • Can be used as a food or water bowl
  • Cat grass is a supplement
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 15 x 4cm (Ø x H)
  • Includes ceramic bowl and 50g packet of seeds
Tip for use: The seeds germinate best when they have been soaked in water for 1 - 2 hours. After this, the seeds can be moved to the bowl. Place the bowl in a warm and light place and keep the seeds moist. You can also put the seeds in potting soil or a low-nutrient soil that is permeable to air and water.


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Latest user reviews

: 3/5
Third time round it grew, but had mould and fruit fly issues
It was the third time I had ordered this item over the years, and finally managed to grow the grass with very careful watering. Despite this, I could see some fluffy mouldy bits at the bottom of the seeds, and then, much to my horror, had a small fruit fly problem close 2 the grass. The bowl itself is great and I'm using the previous 2 as water bowls for my 2 cats, but it's disheartening to have experienced the fruit fly issue. Grateful 4 tips as I'd be willing 2 buy the refill 2 try again.
27/01/23|Hayley Fenton
: 5/5
Great product
I’m really pleased with this! It’s grown really quickly and looks so healthy & green. My cat loves it.
: 5/5
Just what I expected
The grass grew so quick! Just keep it well watered in the first few days
10/09/22|Kathryn Hall
: 5/5
Grows quickly. Very easy
06/09/22|Shereen Harrack-Singh
: 5/5
She's pleased. I'm pleased
As thus hot hot summer dried up sp many sources of grass this seemed like a good idea. My cat is very fussy but has finally taken to indoor cat grass
: 1/5
Disappointing :(
Like others said, mine grow nothing! Just bowl left which can be use but it was't a point.
: 4/5
Cat grass success?
I mixed the grain with compost and grew two bowls of grass successfully. Unfortunately neither cat ate any of it. Rye grass clearly wasn’t liked by either unlike other cat grasses I have grown. Nice bowl.
: 2/5
sad little grass
unfortunately very disappointed. the grass grow to be short and slim, despite adding even plant food to it did not thrive. cad was not happi either the bowl is cute tho
: 2/5
Nice look but
Nice look and work at first but, no drainage so everything get mold
: 2/5
5 grass strands shot through! Well at least the nice bowl will be useful for something else 😊
21/05/22|Sue Mackenzie
: 3/5
Cats not impressed
Sadly my cats were not interested in the least but l gave it to a friend and her cats love it
13/05/22|Mrs A Habib
: 1/5
Cat grass
I am so disappointed in this product. It’s not as described I do not recommend. I regret buying it. It grew within four days fifth day went yellow and dry, and not full at all.
: 2/5
Not worked for us
This grew a few strands and went totally mouldy had to chuck out
: 3/5
Do not give to cats with bladder issues.
Updated review. I thought this would help but it didnt. It just made her bladder issues worse. So avoid if your cat has crystals or Cystitis
: 4/5
Great for the little one
The youngest of my cats (2) loves to chew on everything, especially when she is hungry. For this reason, I can't have real or fake plants within her reach. This cat grass was great and kept her occupied when she wants to chew on things and it grows fast in the right conditions. My only problem is the fact it doesn't stay in the bowl very well when she pulls on it, she pulls it out of the bowl which needs cleaning up. Otherwise, it's a great product!
: 5/5
Amazing for the price
Ok for those who need instructions pour contents into bowl pour tepid water onto seeds so you can just see it between the seeds do not cover it completely. Then cover with cling film and pop on a window sill somewhere warm. Add small amount water everyday. And remove cling film when sprouted. I did this yesterday and today you can see white tips at the point of the seed. So they’re starting to sprout. Mould = too much water x
: 4/5
Needs to be near heater /radiator
It wont grow in cold weather so I put it near my heater / radiator and it started growing I don't know how much water I should put so I just poured enough so everything is wet but not soaked
: 5/5
Cat Grass
I bought this about a week ago and I was a little optimistic given the poor reviews. However so far so good, just needs a little patience and a regular check on the water level so as not to flood it but keep moist, it's not quite ready for the cats to eat yet but soon will be.
: 5/5
I'm happy
Grass grows beautifully, I don't know why people don't ... grass needs to be watered from time to time: D My grass is now about 10 cm and is still growing, I wait for it to be a bit larger and I will be able to give it to a cat who loves to eat grass. The bowl is very nice, I recommend it for this price !!!
: 5/5
Loving it
Great idea and if you don't want to grow anymore cat grass in it u have two extra kitty bowls I'm going to see how the grass grows in it first as I've never tried it in a ceramic bowl but hey of it doesn't bowls can be put to work doing something else no dramas an for the price cannot complain to be honest
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