Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix

: 2/5
Herbal mix from Trixie with long-lasting scent, inspires cats to playful behaviour....further information
Product description
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
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Product description

Herbal mix from Trixie with long-lasting scent, inspires cats to playful behaviour.

Catnip is composed of the leaves of the Nepeta Cataria. The scent of this mint inspires cats to playful behaviour. You can use this mint in combination with your darling's toys or scratching post. The scent of the catnip is long-lasting so your cat will have plenty of fun with this natural pleasure.

Catnip is in no way harmful, so you don't have to worry if your cat eats this herbal mix.


Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
: 2/5
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03/11/23|Leyla Caliskan
: 1/5
Waste of money
This was not the catnip. Total disgrace. I buy catnip from pets at home cats go mad. This one was some herb but definitely not catnip.
: 1/5
not real catnip
I don't know what this stuff is but its not real catnip, my cat loves catnip but it ignored this stuff - what a rip off
: 1/5
Cat ignored it
I agree with all the other 1 star reviews… I’m not sure this is actually catnip. He usually goes mad for it, but he took one sniff and walked away. Thank goodness I didn’t pay money for it and bought it using points. Avoid!
13/05/21|Mel Hamilton
: 1/5
Doesn't work
My cats go crazy for catnip, but not this product. It smells strongly of mint and they had zero interest in it. I believe it is the herb 'catmint' and so the WRONG herb. I would suggest that zooplus remove this from their products
: 1/5
Don't think is the real McCoy!
My cat loves catnip, but is totally disinterested in this... Doesn't smell like any catnip I have bought before, so from this experience I would not recommend buying this product.
07/01/21|Sue Howley
: 1/5
It’s not catnip
My cat loves catnip. I was looking forwards to treating her with this. Problem is this is not catnip, it smells minty. Zero interest from Puss. Kong products are the real thing. She goes nuts for their catnip kickeroos & cigar toy
: 1/5
Not catnip
This isn’t catnip. My cats love catnip but they weren’t remotely interested in this stuff. Wish now I’d noticed and read the reviews here - you wouldn’t think you could go far wrong with something like catnip tho, right?! Why would anyone sell fake catnip?! 🤷‍♀️😠
: 1/5
Not the real thing
This isn’t cat nip, it’s mint leaves. Don’t waste your money. My cats love catnip, but this did nothing for them.
: 1/5
Not Catnip
As soon as I opened the box I could smell mint. I found the catnip and smelt it, not catnip, just a scent of mint. I gave it to my three cats and none of them were remotely interested. I'm so disappointed I wasted £6 on this utter rubbish. Don't do the same.
: 1/5
Not real
My cats love catnip but they have no desire to engage with this stuff. Actually I don’t think it is real catnip because it smells like mint leaves. In German the product is translated as Cat Mint so not sure what this actually is. Perhaps Zooplus has translated it incorrectly? But it is definitely not catnip.
: 1/5
No interest
My cats usually love catnip but were completely indifferent to this. It has a strong smell but doesn't smell like catnip.
10/03/19|donna doherty
: 1/5
Not cat nip
First time my cat didn't like cat nip and didn't smell like it either so stuck with box's that she won't touch. Usually she goes mental for cat nip but not this one
: 1/5
Awful catnip
I usually buy cosmic catnip but tried this one because it’s all they sell here. No smell, looks like bits of dried beige sticks and my cats don’t go near it. Waste of money. I tried spraying it with catnip spray but it just went mouldy. Don’t waste your money, I wont again.
18/10/16|D Scott
: 1/5
Not enough nip for my cat!
The packet of Trixie had to be binned. My cat Molly showed no interest and flat out refused to even nibble. The cat nip we bought in local pet shop is devoured by her and makes her very happy. Trixie stuff does not work. Waste of money.
: 5/5
Both my cats went mad for this as soon as it was opened, I stupidly left the packet (sealed) on my bedside cabinet when I went to work and came home to an explosion where one of my cats had ripped the bag open and spread it everywhere!! Will be buying more, its hilarious haha
: 1/5
My Cat loves catnip and she won't go near this stuff. She took one snif and rejected it. I find it hard to believe that any cat goes ga-ga for this. How did Trixie get this so wrong? Don't waste your cash on this.
: 1/5
My cats hate it
Both of my cats are cat nip addicts but this brand does nothing for them. I tried the same cat nip on my friends cat with same negative results. Don't waste your money!
: 1/5
My Cat loves catnip but not this brand. She won't even nibble at this one. Very disappointing.
: 1/5
Very disappointing cannot recommend
My two cats both love catnip but not this product. It is full of very sharp pieces of woody twigs and did not attract my cats at all. My neighbour's cat did not like it either. Perhaps I just got a batch that was very old?
: 5/5
It works!
My cat loves this catnip. I bought it to make her new bed more appealing and it worked like a treat. Now she's always in it. She also comes running as soon as she hears or smells the packet, and just wants to toy around with it! So it does perfectly what it's supposed to do.
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