Cat Grass Refill

: 3/5
Cat grass - the essential green helper for your cat’s digestion. Grow your own in a plant tray. Ready mixed in its own planting material for easy planting....further information
Product description
Cat Grass Refill
Cat Grass Refill
Cat Grass Refill
Cat Grass Refill
Cat Grass Refill
Cat Grass Refill
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Cat Grass Refill

- 100g

£12.90 / kg

Product description

Cat grass - the essential green helper for your cat’s digestion. Grow your own in a plant tray. Ready mixed in its own planting material for easy planting.

During your cat's daily personal cleaning sessions, it constantly swallows hair. It is important that your pet gets rid of this hair as soon as possible, otherwise hairballs can form in its intestines and this can have unpleasant consequences for your cat. Cat grass causes cats to regurgitate naturally. This helps your cat to get rid of hair before it builds up.

This cat grass is a cereal grain. Cereal grain leaves are not as sharp as real grass, so they won't hurt your cat’s throat and it can be planted without any fuss because comes ready mixed in its own planting material.

Put the seeds into a tray and water moderately, so that it is moist but not wet. Place the tray in a bright, warm place. After 3 days, the seeds will start to germinate. Once the grass has reached a height of 4-5 cm, you can give it to your cat. Please keep the cat grass slightly moist at all times.


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02/02/24|Izabela Nowak
: 5/5
Great grass
Very good grass
: 5/5
cats like it
: 5/5
Good product
The seeds are in perfect quality and you will grow longlastig cat grass out of them. For best results, watch a couple of cat grass planting videos on YouTube and you will be good to go.
: 1/5
Seeds are treated with some chemicals
I have been ordering this product for years, the last batch is red. This is chemical that has been sprayed ln the seeds. I will never by it anymore!
12/11/20|Becky W
: 5/5
Good Grass
The grass has grown really well. I put the whole packet in a ceramic dish and left it on the windowsill to grow. The cat loves it and has been chomping on it already 😸
: 1/5
Trixie Grass Seeds painted Red!!
Have used this Trixie Grass for many years with our 6 indoor Birman Cats without problem but the last batch was painted with something Red colour! It takes longer to grow and is a much thicker grass blade that none of our cats will eat it. I now have lots of bags just to throw in the bin so why have Trixie decided to change their Product? Very bad decision.
10/08/20|Helen Deas Williams
: 5/5
Been using for 3 years and never had a problem
I use half a pack, soak the grains/medium for 24hours and then place them in a Cattit tray - it is eaten by three cats and two small dogs and they make a mess unless grown in this container. It ALWAYS grows, never had a problem. But you need to water sparingly daily, turn it round and round then drain completely immediately afterwards, takes less than 30secs daily. If you drain thoroughly you don't get mould. If you don't, you get problems. End of.
: 1/5
I really wanted it to work so my cat would stop eating my plants. The grass itself grew up nicely, however it's mouldy and my cat won't touch it!
10/03/18|Helen Willams
: 5/5
Success for the past 18 months with this
I've tried various cat grasses over the years. I use only half a pack, sometimes just a third, wet it thoroughly in the dish and drain; then every day wet it through, then drain immediately. I use the Catit grass system as it reduces the mess when they pull out grass strands and growing medium. No problems with this approach, all packets have grown well. I plant every 10 days or so, have a new one growing on the windowsill while the other is in use.
18/02/18|Anne Wren
: 1/5
All of the packets were prepared & cared for as per instructions but the results were awful yielding only a dozen blades of grass each time. We have gone back to our usual grass & have had no problems so we know it was this product & not our preparation or care whilst growing it.
: 1/5
Inferior product
Slow to grow and sparse.
: 1/5
Does Not Grow Any More
I have been using this for the last 3 years and up until now it has grown really well. I have purchased 2 boxes recently and after trying 4 different packs it will not grow!!!
: 4/5
Nice Grass grows quickly and the cat likes to chew on it, however, the last batch I bought, all 3 packs have these tiny black flies hatch out as the grass grows and the nestle amongst the grass flying out when the cat moves it but they settle around it again. We are hoping its just a contaminated batch
: 1/5
Wouldn't grow
No matter what I did I couldn't get this product to grow. The pre mix would just become mouldy once watered and after sprouting a little the grass would die. I split the pack and tried several different times in different containers but unfortunately it just wouldn't work.
: 5/5
Best cat grass ever
If you want to purchase a cat grass that actually grows this is the one! My cats love to chew on grass and mainly stay indoors so I have tried every type and very few grow but out of 30 packs every single one has worked and grown and not expensive! This one is perfect.
: 1/5
Not interested
My cats are just not interested in this at all - I tried small containers first and they ignored those so I tried a big litter tray full like I'd seen pictures of and they still aren't the slightest bit interested. They sniffed at it once or twice and that was it :(
: 5/5
My cats were always eating my house plants, so decided to purchase this as my plants were looking so sad. Sow the seeds, I used a pot and I put a plastic bag over the pot and left it for several days then I had a magnificent grass plant that the cats munch at, perfect, no longer are my own plants being eaten to pulp and these seeds grow so quickly, very impressive! Plan to stock up with more, and have grass pot plants scattered around the house for when the cats have the need to munch =^..^=
08/09/12|Miss Linda Hardy
: 5/5
Good to graze
My house cats love to nibble on grass, but some brands are rather expensive for the time they last. This is a very economical 'grow your own' product. This grass sprouts quickly, and lasts a long time. Coming in a triple pack, it's easy to have the next tray growing ready for the cats to enjoy. Excellent value!
10/07/12|Sylvie's Slave
: 5/5
I have been growing his for Sylvie for about 2 years. She eats grass several times a day and I keep 2 bowls available always. I put a layer of about a cm or dry product in a ceramic bowl, keep it damp for several days (careful not to drown at this early stage) and hey presto! It needs to be watered regularly and will only smell if it has a swampy mess under the grass. If this happens, lift the grass out gently (it will come out in one solid piece with a root ball underneath), rinse the bowl and replace grass. This really is essential for an indoor cat!
15/10/11|Jane McKenzie
: 1/5
It smelled like a farmer's field at muck spreading time!
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