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Cat Grass Refill Multipack

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Cat Grass Refill Multipack 3 22
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Product description

Cat grass - the essential green helper for your cat’s digestion.
Grow your own in a plant tray. Ready mixed in its own planting material for easy planting.

During your cat's daily personal cleaning sessions, it constantly swallows hair. It is important that your pet gets rid of this hair as soon as possible, otherwise hairballs can form in its intestines and this can have unpleasant consequences for your cat. Cat grass causes cats to regurgitate naturally. This helps your cat to get rid of hair before it builds up.

This cat grass is a cereal grain. Cereal grain leaves are not as sharp as real grass, so they won't hurt your cat’s throat and it can be planted without any fuss because comes ready mixed in its own planting material.

Put the seeds into a tray and water moderately, so that it is moist but not wet. Place the tray in a bright, warm place. After 3 days, the seeds will start to germinate. Once the grass has reached a height of 4-5 cm, you can give it to your cat. Please keep the cat grass slightly moist at all times.


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