LitterLocker® Litter Box

: 4/5
Modern cat litter box with litter scoop, open all the way around and with a lowered entry and high side walls, easy to empty and clean using the litter emptying system and the flexible material....further information
Product description
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
LitterLocker® Litter Box
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Product description

Modern cat litter box with litter scoop, open all the way around and with a lowered entry and high side walls, easy to empty and clean using the litter emptying system and the flexible material.

This LitterLocker® Litter Box is a stylish litter box for cats, combining modern design with high functionality to create a comforting atmosphere for your cat when it needs to do its business!
This unusual LitterLocker® Litter Box is unrecognisable from the standard litter box cat owners think of. It has high side walls, helping to prevent litter being thrown around your home when your cat scratches or digs. The LitterLocker® Litter Box is open all the way around, allowing your cat a 360° view of the world. This allows your cat to keep an eye on what’s going on, increasing its feelings of safety and wellbeing.
The LitterLocker® Litter Box has a round design with no corners, which makes it easier to clean. It is also particularly space-saving, made from a flexible material that ensures the LitterLocker® Litter Box can fit easily between furniture or in tight corners.

LitterLocker® Litter Box at a glance:
  • Modern litter tray for cats, with scoop included
  • Open all the way around: gives your cat a 360° view, for a safe feeling
  • High side walls: litter remains in the tray even if your cat scratches or digs
  • Integrated outlet: for quick and easy emptying of the litter
  • No corners, round shape: easy to clean and wipe down
  • Spacious: plenty of space and freedom of movement
  • High-gloss coating inside: shows optimum litter fill level and correct outlet direction
  • Flexible material: can even be placed in small spaces
  • Lowered entry: easy to get in and out
  • Includes litter scoop: can be hung on the carry handle using the hook
  • Stackable: multiple litter boxes can be stacked inside one another to save space when not in use
  • Integrated handle: comfortable to hold, back-friendly and easy to carry to the rubbish bin
  • Discreet colour with attractive high-gloss paw design
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 59 x 37 x 41 cm (L x W x H)
    • Inner: approx. 50 x 35 cm (L x W)
    • Height of lower tray (front/back): 17/26cm
  • Colour: grey or white


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5

Light mobile litterbox

Immediately acceptable to my cats. Easy to clean . Easy to move. Waiting for a white one to be available. Hoping to replace all other litter boxes with these.
13/06/23 | Paulina
: 5/5

Best litter box ever

Both for the cats and for humans! Thanks to it’s design it fits perfect in awkward spaces like in the gap between toilet and wall. The higher walls stop some of the litter falling out. It’s actually very spacious for the cat. I love how easy you can empty it and clean it. My only complain is that after 2,5 the plastic cracked, i guess it just became dry and less elastic.
13/09/22 | Heather
: 5/5

An absolute God send!

Just brilliant. I've a tall siamese cat that starts squatting down as normal then through his business stands up to wee so sends his pee sailing over the back of the even highest litter tray. These are tall at the back, easy to carry and clean.
: 2/5

Good looking but not long lasting

This litter box looks really nice and my cats love it biut it quickly fell apart. First the plastic started chipping/breaking off around the handles then it broke in the middle, so i need to buy a new one.
14/04/22 | Rachel Scott
: 1/5

Split boxes within 4 months of use

Ordered 3 litter lockers and they were awesome as very deep easy to clean and kept most of the litter in the box. Sadly all 3 litter boxes split within 4 months rendering them useless. The material is too brittle and needs to be much more flexible and robust as cats do scratch at the boxes instinctively after they have used them
: 5/5

Excellent litter tray

Works really well for my bengal who likes to pee standing up? Really easy to empty and lift.
07/02/22 | Susan eve
: 3/5

Split litter tray

This litter tray is fab, cats love it and it’s easy to clean, but unfortunately the front of the tray has split/cracked this morning.
21/12/21 | Deirdre Stewart
: 3/5

initially delighted, but then..............

Despite misgivings over the price of these litter boxes, I bought two of these and was initially delighted with the overall design, capacity and ease of cleaning. My elderly cat took to them no bother and he had plenty room, easy to keep clean and empty /refill etc. Sadly noticed a small crack at the back centre, but wasn't that bothered as the box was still usable, however, this tiny crack spread very rapidly all the way to the base and rendered the box unfit for purpose.
18/12/21 | Deirdre Stewart
: 2/5


I was initially delighted with this, even though for a litter tray it is very expensive. But, certainly did the job very well. Roomy and deep enough to prevent my elderly boy cat peeing vertically. It has now split, right down the back and is now not fit for purpose. Seems to be a design flaw as this appears to be an issue that quite a number of purchasers have had. Shame, excellent idea, badly executed.
: 2/5

Very disappointed

I initially was super happy with this litter box as it was a perfect fit for our cat tree, that has a built in litter box compartment. The handles made it very easy to take it out for cleaning, so it was literally perfect. However, 4 months later when I took the litter box out, the box cracked right in the middle, which made it now completely useless. Not happy as it isn’t a cheap litter box…..
: 5/5


This litter box has been a lifesaver. My rescue cat prefers an open tray but in an ordinary one, she manages to wee vertically and it goes everywhere, I tried a hooded tray . The first one managed to leak through the catches. The second one had fewer catches but then she decided she didn’t like feeling confined so chose spots around the house. This tray is perfect. She likes the room and it being open and I like the wee staying in the box. Win win. Had it just over a month and no accidents.
08/09/21 | Spookyhollow
: 2/5

Two stars for the idea but rubbish

The idea is fabulous and for a few weeks they were brilliant. But the front of all of them has now split. I contacted Zoo plus who replaced the original faulty item. Tthe replacement was written of in the delivery. We were refunded as out of stock. We have had four now and not one has lasted more than a couple of months. We have two adult cats and one kitten. These trays are not cheap. We now face replacing them urgently. So save your money and look for something else.
20/07/21 | Jacqueline Warner
: 4/5


I have 2 of these. I bought a second after being impressed with the first one. But now, after a couple of months both of them are starting to split on the curves, such a shame. They need to be re-designed to get more strength in these places. Otherwise they’re great - easy to lift and clean
14/06/21 | jinny
: 3/5

its nice but unfortunately loses its shape after a short while

I really liked the idea behind this litter tray. But unfortunately it loses its shape and becomes circular after a few months. Also a crack in the plastic appeared. Its still ok but not the same as when it first arrived. So hard to get a decent cats tray!!!!
28/04/21 | Charlotte Steel
: 5/5

At last a tray my cat can’t wee over the sides!

I’m on my fourth litter tray! My one cat seems to wee over the sides or her wee gets between the hood and the tray...NO MORE! This product is great it’s large and simple to use, my cats can climb in and out easily and I don’t have to buy puppy pads to put under anymore.
11/12/20 | marya
: 4/5

cats like this very much

but it is quite big!
: 5/5

So far so good

It took a week before my cat realised this was actually a litter box, but now it's the one she always chooses to use. She's quite a big cat, but she seems to fit into it quite comfortably. It's also easy for me to carry and easy to clean, which is helpful.
10/05/20 | Christina K.
: 5/5

Great for senior cat and easy to clean

Very impressed with this litter box. My 20 year old cat manages to get in fine as the edges are so slim, and there's plenty of space. High enough on the sides for him not to make a big mess. My favourite part is cleaning it. So super easy with this design.
21/12/19 | Sascha
: 5/5

Expensive but best ever purchase for senior cat and owner.

Was dubious as so expensive. But for anyone struggling to get down low and pick up their cats litter box or it's deposits this is a great help due to the handles & flexible sides. Since my cat has used it she's had no problem peeing inside the box instead of outside unlike the conventional flat litter box. This has really nice tall substantial sides & is a big space for the cat to turn around in. I have a large cat & it's worked so well on so many important issues both for her and for me.
: 5/5

Lilou loves using it

No regrets buying this. It's flexible so it can fit in different locations, with nice high sides that still seem very 'open' - good for a cat that needs a box with no cover. Lilou uses smart pellets and they won't scratch the base easily, but clay could after a while. Easy to empty and to clean, although obviously better without using a liner. It looks smart and modern, and you can hang the scoop on the outside of the box. Very happy overall, especially as it was on offer too.