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The original deshedding tool to deal with cat moulting! The FURminator was designed to safely, efficiently and comfortably remove your cat's loose hairs and maintain a healthy, shiny coat with regular use. Here at zooplus you will find a great range from FURminator, for both short and long hair.
We also sell FURminators for Dogs.


FURminator DeShedding Tool - Short Hair Cats

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FURminator DeShedding Tool - Long Hair Cats

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Keep your cat looking purrrrfect!

Grooming is an essential part of feline life, and you can help with this process using this great range of FURminator for cats. These FURminator cat grooming tools are designed to help remove any loose hair, keeping your cat’s coat looking glossy and having the added benefit of combatting hairballs - these are formed when your cat swallows hairs during grooming, and by removing any loose hair you can prevent these building up in your cat’s system.
The FURminator for cats range is extensive and of premium quality, with different FURminator cat tools depending on your cat’s size and coat type. This helps ensure you are using the right FURminator cat tool for the job, keeping your cat looking as healthy and glossy as possible.

Browse the full range of FURminator for cats here at zooplus:

Every FURminator cat tool is of the highest quality and offers premium results.
FURminator for cats offers tools for all sizes, breeds and purposes, including finishing combs and heads for cleaning up mess.

  • FURflex: this innovative new addition to the FURminator for cats collection uses one universal handle and a number of different possible heads, all of which can be bought separately to provide an all-round grooming solution. This includes finishing combs, tools for getting rid of matted hair, and even easy ways to gather up all of the hair lost during grooming, to keep your furniture and carpets clean.
  • FURminator: this is the original FURminator cat tool, helping to deal with feline moulting and help to maintain a healthy, glossy coat. It is available in short- and long-haired options, as well as adapted brush sizes for small or large cats. It has an ergonomic handle to make grooming a breeze and is a fast, effective way to keep your cat looking amazing.

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of FURminator cat tools that make grooming your feline a breeze.
The collection of FURminator for cats is of premium quality and is an ideal addition to any feline household.

Browse the full range of Feliway & Care products available here at zooplus, to keep your cat looking and feeling great at all times.

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