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Cat Brushes & Combs

Although cats are very good at keeping themselves clean, part of owning a happy feline is looking after its skin, fur and claws through regular grooming. Lack of cat grooming can lead to dirty fur, stress and even painful matting.
Cat brushes are great to improve the cat's circulation and removes the dead hairs to give its coat a healthy shine, which reduces hairballs and reduces matting.
Tip: Begin grooming your cat from an early age, preferably from kitten age and get him used to having his feet touched and held to make the process simpler for grooming and claw clipping.

Rubber-toothed brushes or gloves: good for massage.

KONG Massage Brush Zoom Groom

4.49 4.49 GBP 1
11.4 x 7 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
RRP*  £6.54
Our Price  £4.49
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Double-Sided Wellness Glove

2.99 2.99 GBP 1
1 Glove
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Grooming Glove

4.99 4.99 GBP 1
1 Glove
Was  £6.49
Now  £4.99
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Premium Grooming Gloves

11.99 11.99 GBP 1
1 Pair
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Pet Teezer De-shedding Brush Small

10.99 10.99 GBP 1
approx. 12.5 x 5.5 x 5.5cm (LxWxH)
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Soft-bristled brushes: soft & smoothing action.

Trixie Double-sided Oval Pet Brush

1.99 1.99 GBP 1
21 x 6 cm (L x W)
RRP*  £3.99
Our Price  £1.99
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Metal-toothed combs: ideal for detangling mats & de-shedding hair

FURminator DeShedding Tool - Short Hair Cats

19.49 21.99 GBP 2
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FURminator DeShedding Tool - Long Hair Cats

16.99 19.99 GBP 2
Was  £17.99
Now  £16.99
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Was  £21.99
Now  £19.99
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Metal-pinned brushes: ideal for slight detangling long & short hair.

Trixie Soft Brush with Brush Cleaner

1.49 1.49 GBP 1
1 Brush
RRP*  £2.99
Our Price  £1.49
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Lint & Hair Remover Brushes:

Lint - Hair Remover Glove

1.99 1.99 GBP 1
25 x 15 cm (L x W)
Was  £2.99
Now  £1.99
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Lint Roll Pick-Up

1.49 1.49 GBP 1
Set with 2 Refill Rolls
Was  £2.49
Now  £1.49
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Hunter Ladybird Rubber Brush

5.49 5.49 GBP 1
1 Brush
RRP*  £7.82
Our Price  £5.49
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