Great when training on grass!

I used these when doing the first stages of Hoopers training, and still use them when training on grass - the dogs can find them because of the colour and size. They've been very useful and are well accepted by my collies.

Tasty little biscuit

I put three or four of these into a small Kong with some liver paste smeared round the inside as a ‘’goodbye, stay and look after the house” treat. Also a quick grab for treats on walks. They don’t smell - my golden retriever loves them


May fussy girl thinks these are wonderful, she immediately sits and waits for her treat with gusto
01/22/17 | Lee

Dogs love 'em

Our dogs love them and so do the dogs at the Veterinary where my wife works, plus one of the senior vets approve.
09/25/14 | Pam Phillips

Loves them

I opened the large box that delivery came in, first thing my GSD did was grab a bag of these after inspecting all the other goodies definitely one to take on walks.

A perfect reward

My dog loves these and I use them as a reward so she knows they're for special treat times. I am very careful and fussy with her diet so I like the fact that these are good for her. I have a few in my pocket on walks and have given some to other dogs, to the owners' surprise, as they had never heard of them. I think that Zooplus have new customers because of that! Thank you.
12/28/13 | Allytoli

Great as breakfast biscuits.

My 2 JRT crosses love these biscuits for their breakfast. They have just 10 biscuits each so a pack lasts them a long time. They have been having these for a good few months now and have not tired of them, unlike other biscuits I have tried them on. They then have their complete dried food split between lunch and teatime.
12/14/13 | Sarah

Great little biscuits.

My dogs loved these Canibit stickies, they are a great size biscuit to take on a walk for medium/large dogs and perfect as a little treat for any dog. The dogs have to crunch them up a bit so get to enjoy the taste rather than just swallowing them whole. You get a lot of biscuits for the money so excellent value, highly recommended.
07/22/13 | M Vincent

perfect small treat!

Perfect for rewards or just a treat. my 3 dogs love them, and they were very good as one is on a weight loss program but these meant she could still have a treat during the day! They love them so much, I just placed another order for them!

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