08/03/22 | Elle


Really glad I bought this on a whim, such good value for what you get. Its massive, my cats love it!
11/19/21 | Samantha Gibbons

Good..while it lasts

I was initially really pleased with this as it was more sturdy than the Amazon one I'd previously bought, but I did end up using some hand weights to lay on the base in order to prevent it toppling when my cats fly from the top down. Then, after only 6 months use, I moved it to hoover past it and the post broke away from the base in my hand creating a mess of sawdust and splinters. Won't be reordering!
09/26/21 | Dan

Poor quality

We have had two of these previously, however the design has obviously changed since we last bought one for the worse. This is smaller - not as high, smaller sisil and the base is now rectangular not square so less stable. Not impressed, its not going to last long with 2 Maine Coons!


Wow ,I definitely should have checked the measurements lol this is huge but perfect for my 2 adult cats, sturdy, long enough for the cats to fully stretch out, simple to out together, I'm feeling like I've had quite the bargain for the price compared to other scratching post on the market!!

Replacement String

If you require more string for this product search sisal online on a well known auction site starting with E ending in Y size 4 or 6mm 75m in length should do well for repairing it. I just used a glue gun to stick it on and got the sisal to go all the way to the top. Thought this may help someone.
03/21/21 | Lesley Morton

Maine Coon Madness.

Not up to the rigours of an 8 month old Maine Coon kitten, She has shredded the top fabric off, exposing cheap looking card. We have only had it less than four weeks. She has enjoyed scampering up like she is on a tree, perhaps would have been better to have rope going all the way up.
02/02/21 | Simon brooks

Dont bother

Had it 2 weeks and the base has split resulting in the post being to wobbly and dangerous
10/22/20 | Jo T

Falls apart after a few weeks

The material is too thin and the rope unwinds - Zooplus replaced it & the replacement did the same... they need to sell spares of each section as the base & lower part are fine :(
09/09/20 | Lisa

Short lived post

Am now on my third post started buying them in October 2018 then July 2019 last one purchased February 2020...the string is hanging off...cats claws become entangled..if only they sold spare parts...I only need the string part
08/27/20 | Lisa

Not long lasting

When I purchased this was looking forward to it last, but yet again, has shredded and unravelled very quickly, such a shame you cannot buy replacement parts, everything else is fine...
06/28/20 | Ellen


I'm super impressed with this product, and such a great price. Our two ragdoll girls had shredded up their previous, much smaller, post. As they are big cats, we wanted to get them a post that would be better suited to them, and this definitely fits the bill!
06/20/20 | Sonia

Great scratcher for my large cat

As soon as I assembled the cat scratcher, my Ragdoll went straight to test it.
04/26/20 | Lynn

It’s ok

Only had this a short time and the top where the cats sit has collapsed so they can no longer sit there.
04/18/20 | Hannah Plenty

Need more screws!

Love this post but lost the screws in our last house move! The cat does sometimes prefer to use it horizontally, but since keeping him in until used to the new area, he is desparate to climb something! Please can someone remind me of the type of screws needed to secure the post to the base?
11/27/19 | Mrs A Marshall


The upright piece came in three parts and one would not screw on. Had to screw the rope one directly to the base in the end.
11/01/19 | Claire

Poor fitting and wonky!

This scratching post is terrible, when it is assembled there is a 1cm gap between each segment, and due to this it is very wonky and wobbly, making it unsafe for the cat to sit on it. I complained about the first and was sent another, but this was exactly the same. It's just a terrible product and not worth the money! I have previously purchased the palm tree scratching post, which is so much better!
10/22/19 | Fiona

Quality Massively Deteriorated

Purchased 3 of these for my cats earlier this year and by the end of the month, they looked a sorry state. The top is loose and the sissal and carpet did not hold up. Previously I had purchased 2 several years ago and the quality was a lot better and the product a lot more stable. My sister-in-law just got a kitten and I figured this would at least be good for one small cat but with the poor quality of the materials, the top is not screwing on properly at all and it is not stable. Not pleased.

Unable to assemble due to poor fittings - twice!

We bought two of these jumbo scratch posts over the last two years for our long and strong Burmese cats who used them daily and successfully . The first replacement arrived and we were unable to screw up the two end pieces to the centre due to a reduction in the thread of the supplied screws. Once these were inserted they could then not be removed, leaving a wobbly post with gaps!Customer services replaced this but the same thing happened with the second post! A hopeless design fault!
08/11/19 | Sarah Hall

Perfect for large cats

First scratching post I've found that is big enough for my half Maine Coon boy to scratch at full stretch. The sofas are suffering a lot less since its arrival!
07/10/19 | Fiona Rawlings

So much taller than I was expecting

I bought this to replace my cats old tall/waist height scratching post (bought from a different site) and oh my goodness was I amazed when it arrived. Not only is it wider than the old post, it's at least a third of the height taller. My 5 cats love it that much that when it was assembled my 2 biggest males continuously fought over the "top spot". (I went on to order the Trixie Alicante Cat Tree, as its an incredible colour match, to rectify the issue and the pride is now at rest)

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