Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine

Taste of the Wild

Your dog's health and happiness is of vital importance and is significantly affected by the kind of diet you choose to feed your dog. Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Canine offers your dog a tantalising mix of venison, lamb and bison in a rich, luxurious recipe. It uses a mixture of proteins to ensure your dog receives a range of vital amino acids.
Premium meat combines with a range of delicious fruits and vegetables, including raspberries, blueberry sand tomatoes, all of which have antioxidant properties and provide essential vitamins and minerals. The recipe of Taste of the Wild High Prairie is also suitable for sensitive dogs as it is completely grain-free.
Choose from a wet or dry food diet, both offering complete nutrition similar to the kind of diet your dog could expect to eat in the wild. Taste of the Wild High Prairie is designed to meet your dog's specific nutritional needs at each stage of its life, as recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, so you can be sure you are offering your dog the best possible nutrition.

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Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult

A grain-free complete dry dog food made from top quality bison and venison, with sweet potatoes, fruit and vegetables, suitable for all breeds and life stages. Made in the USA

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