Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Feline

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Your cat deserves the finest possible nutrition, which is why Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain is an ideal choice. It contains a balanced, complete recipe based on the kind of diet your cat would naturally eat in the wild.
It is grain-free and enriched with a range of nutrients from natural fruits, vegetable and plant sources. For example, it contains plenty of antioxidants including beta-carotene and lycopene, as well as being rich in fibre for good digestion. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain also prides itself on being a rich source of protein, with a combination of venison, salmon and chicken that ensure your cat is offered a balanced selection of amino acids for comprehensive health.
Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain is the ideal dish for cats of all ages, breeds and life stages, in a wholesome recipe just as nature intended.

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Taste of the Wild - Rocky Mountain Feline

Grain-free cat food with delicious venison and smoked salmon, with sweet potato, fruit and vegetables, offering a high protein content and unbeatable flavour suitable for all breeds and ages.

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