Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Food

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild Wetlands offers your dog the perfect combination of proteins with its quail, turkey and duck recipe, combined with a range of fruits and vegetables for important fibre to keep the digestion functioning smoothly.
Taste of the Wild Wetlands is available in both a kibble and a wet food, both complete and balanced for meeting your dog's every need and providing a scrumptious meal in the process. The recipe is also grain-free, meaning that even sensitive dogs can benefit from its high nutritional value and Life Stage nutrition, formulated to meet the nutritional profiles set out by the AAFCO.
In the wild, your dog could expect to eat a diet in fact very similar to the kind offered by Taste of the Wild Wetlands, with a range of protein sources as the key component and supplemented with various natural fruits, vegetables and herbs. This food contains omega fatty acids for healthy skin and glossy fur, as well as natural antioxidants and prebiotics for digestion.
Offer your dog a natural diet free from grains and artificial additives with this Taste of the Wild Wetlands.

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Taste of the Wild - Wetlands Adult

Grain-free dog food with duck, turkey and quail, enriched with fruits and vegetables in a recipe based on natural nutrition, excellent flavour and suitable for all breeds and sizes. Made in the USA

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