Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult

: 5/5
A grain-free complete dry dog food made from top quality bison and venison, with sweet potatoes, fruit and vegetables, suitable for all breeds and life stages. Made in the USA...further information
Product description
Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult
Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult
Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult
Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult
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Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult

- 2kg

£10.00 / kg

Product description

A grain-free complete dry dog food made from top quality bison and venison, with sweet potatoes, fruit and vegetables, suitable for all breeds and life stages. Made in the USA

Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult is made in the USA with high-quality bison and venison. The grain-free recipe is completed with healthy sweet potato as well as selected fruits and vegetables. Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult is suitable for dogs of all life stages, providing sufficient energy and natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.
This complete dog nutrition is based around the natural canine diet, tailored to the changing lifestyle of the modern dog with regular feeding and less exercise.

Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult at a glance:
  • Pure bison and venison meat: selected ingredients offer highly digestible protein and fat that act as great energy sources, to keep your dog in best shape
  • Free from grains: the grain-free recipe provides your dog with balanced nutrition for optimum health and vitality. Many vets believe grains can cause health problems in dogs, including weight gain, diabetes, digestive issues and other illnesses, due to the high carbohydrate content
  • Balanced protein mix for an optimum amino acid profile: ocean fish meal has a high content of activated omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA) for healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Digestive system support: dried chicory root and Yucca schidigera extract support balance in the intestinal flora, strengthening the immune system
  • Natural antioxidants: fresh fruits and vegetables have a high content of zinc, vitamin E and selenium
  • Omega fatty acids: omega-6 and -3 fatty acids support healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Sweet potato: nutritious source of B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals
  • Blueberries and raspberries: berries are rich in phytonutrients, with antioxidative, cell-protective properties
  • Tomatoes and tomato pomace: offering plant fibres for healthy digestion, with health-promoting vitamins and antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lycopene
  • Chelated minerals: minerals and trace elements in natural, organically-bound form
  • All Life-Stages Nutrition: Taste of the Wild dog food is formulated to meet the recommended nutrient profiles of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and fulfils the nutritional needs of your pet throughout all stages of life.
  • Made in the USA

Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult is ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, with nutrition based on nature.


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Bison (12%), lamb meat meal, chicken meal, sweet potato, peas, potato,chicken fat [preserved with mixed tocopherols], egg products, beef, roasted venison (4%), tomato pomace, potato protein, pea protein, sea fish meal, minerals, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, Yucca schidigera extract.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (10,000 IU), vitamin D3 (750 IU), vitamin E (150 IU), taurine (0.1%), iron amino acid chelate hydrate (9mg), amino acids copper chelate hydrate (1.05mg), ferrous-(II)-sulphate monohydrate (18mg), cuprous-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate (1.75mg), potassium iodide (1.485mg), amino acids manganese chelate hydrate (2.1mg), manganous-(II)-oxide (7.7mg), manganous-(II)-sulphate (4.48mg), amino acids zinc chelate hydrate (11.25mg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (26,625mg), sodium selenite (0.018mg).
Sensory additives:
Natural aroma.


Analytical constituents

protein32.0 %
fat18.0 %
fibre3.0 %
ash9.2 %
moisture10.0 %
omega-3 fats0.3 %
omega-6 fats2.8 %
taurine0.1 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:

Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult is a complete dry food for adult dogs.
Dog's weight Serving in g/day
1kg 33g
2.25kg 50g
4.5kg 75g
9kg 150g
13.5kg 200g
18kg 233g
27kg 300g
36kg 375g
45kg 433g
57kg 500g
68kg 575g
79kg 650g


Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Adult
: 5/5
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: 5/5
All my Dobermanns love it.
I have been feeding this to my Dobes for years and they love it,Stools are always solid and it doesn't blow their stomachs out like some brands that swell up inside.
: 1/5
Not good
Should have read how old the reviews are, 2010 fgs. 2 sensitive to grain dogs so thought this would be just the thing.It doesn't stay in the dogs long enough for it to do any good bless them. Dogs aren't even that keen to eat it so a whole 12kg bag going to waste.
08/04/19|Lesley Junkin
: 5/5
7 Years on and still good
I started to give our rescue black lab this food 7 years ago, he is now 11. His coat has a beautiful shine. He was in terrible condition when we got him, but you would now know it was the same dog now. Would not give him any other food as he loves this one. None of the nasty fillers in this like some other dried food. Would definitely recommend.
29/01/19|tanya mccormack
: 5/5
steady spaniel
when I try my young springer spaniel on any other dog food she is all over the place, scatty, barky and nervous. On this food, however, she is steady, alert and happy in herself. both dogs (our other dog is a standard poodle) have good stools on this food and love the taste of it
: 1/5
Low meat contect - beware
My dogs wouldn't eat it . No wonder with such a low meat content that it's just unhealthy and should be banned. Thanks
29/07/18|Bede Christopher Falconer
: 3/5
Low meat content
I got a real kick out of feeding this product, after all its bison and venison! The product write up does not give the quantities of each ingredient but if you look at the top left-hand corner of the back of the bag (US) you might be as surprised as I to find that the meat content of Bison 12% and Venison 4% is so low for a product of this price. Dogs may well like this product, as do mine, but the meat content is much lower than expected. Back to Barking Heads!
17/10/17|Janet Weller
: 5/5
excellent food.
I am feeding four belgian shepherds on this food. Their black coats are gleaming and the fitness and condition of my dogs is superb. They compete in agility and need to be fit. Their energy levels are high and my really fussy feeder really enjoys this food. Would highly recommend it.
09/10/17|Sonja Seiler
: 1/5
Beware, and read the smallprint!
This product contains chicken meal (a very cheap to come by filler, by the way). A lot of dogs have an intolerance to chicken. On the product description It lists Bison and Venison. The chicken is only mentioned when you click 'ingredients'. Many people just trust what's mentioned in product overviews and don't bother with the small print. A lesson learned as far as I am concerned. They should have allergy warnings on dog food like they do on packaging for human food.
11/02/17|Carl Henshaw
: 5/5
Top quality food
We switched our 3 shepherds on to this from Royal canin about 6 months ago. One of our dogs is a really fussy eater and we tried all kinds of different foods but Taste of the Wild is the only one he will eat without any fuss. Since they've been on this their coats look even more shiny and their stools have been much firmer. Well worth the extra cost we think.
24/01/16|sharon thomas
: 5/5
fantastic food
i have been using this for years now with my rotties and cairns. Their health is excellent, rotties with shiny coats and defined muscles, cairns perfect in their way. Many of my friends have also switched to this seeing the difference in my dogs and have had the same excellent results, healthy, happy dogs.
: 1/5
Dogs Refused to Eat It
I bought this on its high rating scores. Maybe they have changed their ingredients as I now notice non of the reviews are from this year! My three dogs all refuse to eat this and one is a pig and eats anything.
24/09/15|originally published in zooplus.ie
: 5/5
Fantastic food
My black lab loves this food and he is not a big eater . Within days of changing to this his coat started to shine . He looks lovely and healthy and glowing and people always ask how is coat is so shiny . I tell them it's this food , the difference is huge . Great company too
03/05/15|Toni Hall
: 4/5
Quality kibble that the Newfs love
This has been a real hit with my Newfoundlands. Being grain free is very important. Love the quality of the ingredients and the only reason i gave it 4* and not 5* is because they do not give the % of each ingredient which really should be listed. Digestion of this food is fab with good stools and they look in good healthy coat. Suits my breed very well.
: 5/5
French Bulldog
We've fed our Frenchie this on recommendation since he was a puppy. I can't fault it. He's fit, happy & healthy. Great service from ZooPlus too!
06/06/14|S J
: 5/5
My Mastiff had suffered with poor digestion and runny stools all his life until I found this. Since using he has improved 100% . He now eats all his food and produces firm stools
: 5/5
Great food for dogs with allergies
our Bulldogs have lots of allergies and tear stains . we have tried lots of different foods with money not been an issue we come upon this food we cannot state how good this food is and value for money
: 5/5
Best quality with reasonable price!
After having done quite a lot research n tried on different dog food brands, i stucked with this brand. My standard schnauzer moved from the puppy version to adult version, he loves this dog food so much and it keeps him in a very good shape.
22/03/14|Jim Brown
: 5/5
Very good
I have tried a few dog foods in order to find one that suits our Labrador. He has a sensitive system, so based on the reviews decided to give Taste of the Wild a go.Very pleased with the result, Jasper is happy with the food and I am happy that the loose stools have stopped.
04/03/14|Leanne, Bear & Nettle
: 5/5
Best food!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
After a lot of research I decided to try TOTW . I can only say iv had amazing results. I was worried about the high protein level after years of been told it wasn't good for dogs. I have a Chihuahua he is 3 now & always give him a very well know brand & 6 months ago got a whippet & I have been told you shouldn't feed them on high protein. However I haven't noticed any change in behaviour in them since giving them TOTW & I did have a problem with my whippet as she was eating her poo after & now that's stopped all together on this food thank god!!! My dogs poo is smaller & don't really smell as bad on this food which I assume after watching TV show Truth about your dog food means it is more digestible. The small kibble are great for my two & the food itself smells great. I always joke saying my dogs eat better than me & I can truly say they do now & for a much better price!!! I'v just ordered my 3rd bag & I will be ordering many more. I love it as my dogs coats are so much healthier & smells great longer & my whippet is stunning on it & my dogs love it even more. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
: 5/5
THE reason I use Zooplus
After a lot of research I decided to try my standard schnauzer on TOTW. Amazing results. My vet often makes the comment "if only all my dogs were as fit and healthy as this" and praises her lack of body fat and firm, muscular physique. Her coat is amazing and she is full of energy. THE BEST dry food in my opinion. My girl loves all three flavours with a little meat added and is absolutely thriving on it. Soooo hard to get in the UK - soooo I use Zooplus!!