Wet Cat Food - Cans, Pouches and Trays

Here you'll find a great selection of cat food cans and pouches. Whatever your cat's age, size, breed or nutritional needs, our wet cat food selection has something for everyone. Many of our brands offer single-serve complete cat food pouches, meaning less fuss and less mess! Supplementary wet food can complete a dry cat food diet.

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721 - 701 of 701 products
721 - 701 of 701 products

Cat supplements and specialist diets

A wide range of the best wet cat food

Here you will find tasty and nutritious cat food pouches, cat food trays and canned cat food. Most cats love the appetising taste and juicy texture of wet cat food, served as either all or part of their daily diet. Compared to kibble, the consistency of moist cat food in pouches, tins or trays more closely mimics the food that your cat would naturally eat in the wild. Wet food also boasts a higher water content, increasing your cat's overall fluid intake and helping them to stay hydrated. Another advantage of wet cat food is that it can be easier to offer your pet a more varied diet, just like the broad variety of prey that cats would hunt and eat naturally. This is especially easy thanks to the amazing selection of wet cat food in pouches and tinned cat food on sale at zooplus, making it simple to find the best wet cat food for your pet.

How do I decide on a wet cat food?

Different types of packaging

Wet cat food is typically sold in tins, pouches and sometimes even environmentally-friendly tetra paks, so you can be sure to find the right packaging to suit you. Canned cat food can be more cost-effective than cat food in pouches and some cat owners find it easier to avoid wastage. Single-serving cat food pouches, on the other hand, can be more practical to store and help to keep the food especially fresh and juicy. There are lots of things to consider when choosing the best wet cat food for your needs.

Complete or supplementary?

Whether you choose cat food tins or cat food in pouches, it is always important to make sure that your cat is receiving a healthy, balanced diet. This means checking if your cat's favourite wet food is complete or supplementary. A complete wet cat food is designed to provide the full range of nutrients that your pet needs to stay fit and active. This means that the food can be fed on its own, without the need to combine it with any other food products or supplements. However, if a moist cat food is supplementary (sometimes also called a complementary food), it is lacking in one or more essential nutrients, such as taurine or calcium, and must be fed alongside other wet or dry cat food to make sure that all of your pet's nutritional requirements are met. zooplus not only offers a range of the best wet cat food, but also has the perfect kibble as well.

Which wet cat food brands can I find at zooplus?

Choose from these popular brands offering wet cat food in pouches, cans or trays or simply explore our full range of wet cat food.
  • Almo Nature: delicious cat food tins and pouches made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients.
  • Animonda Carny: gently prepared, grain-free wet cat food in cans and cat food in pouches.
  • Applaws: premium natural wet cat food, made from free-range chicken and fish from sustainable sources.
  • Bozita: complete wet food with a high meat content, available in practical cans or eco-friendly tetra paks.
  • Cosma: wet cat food cans and pouches containing top-quality, natural ingredients in a range of tasty flavours with single sources of protein.
  • Felix: popular cat food pouches, cans and trays in a variety of delicious flavours and ranges, including As Good As It Looks and specific kitten and senior options.
  • Gourmet: canned cat food and single-serving pouches for cats with exquisite tastes.
  • Hill's Science Plan: wet cat food specially developed to meet the specific nutritional needs of each life phase.
  • Royal Canin: great-tasting cat food pouches made with high-quality, nutritional ingredients in jelly or gravy.
  • Whiskas: tasty wet food for cats, available in handy single-serving pouches or large cans - the meaty taste of pure delight!

Looking for something extra to add to your cat's lifestyle?

Explore our wide range of the best wet cat food for pets of all ages or check out our great special offers for even more savings! You may also want to view our selection of dry cat food to add even more variety to your cat's diet.