Animonda Carny Cat Food

Animonda Carny Wet Cat Food

Animonda Carny is committed to providing balanced and appropriate nutrition for your cat at every stage of its life. This wet food is made up exclusively of 100% fresh meaty ingredients, including the best meat, fish and offal. The recipes are enriched with vital vitamins and minerals to ensure that your cat is getting all the nutrients it requires. This food is free from unnecessary ingredients such as sugar, grain, soy and flavour enhancers. Animonda Carny is all about hearty, flavourful food that your cat will love!

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Delicious wet food for adult cats, with 100% fresh ingredients and meaty chunks in an appetising recipe free from grains and soya, with natural taurine and made in Germany.

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  • Delicious, complete wet cat food of the highest quality!

    Animonda Carny Cat Food offers high quality pet food for your feline, using natural nutrition that has been specially formulated to meet your cat’s needs. Animonda wet cat food is available in a range of flavour varieties, including meat, fish and poultry options such as turkey or duck hearts in tasty tins or practical pouches. Animonda Carny moist cat food comes in adult, kitten and senior selections and offers single protein and grain-free options for more sensitive stomachs. Choose a handy mixed pack to find your cat’s favourite!

  • What are the key features of Animonda Carny wet cat food?

    Here at zooplus we offer an extensive range of Animonda Carny wet cat food, all containing complete balanced nutrition that helps support your cat’s overall health. The Animonda Carny wet cat food cans are grain-free, with no soya, artificial preservatives, colour or taste enhancers, instead made using only fresh meat and enriched with essential nutrients such as natural taurine. Each wet cat food pack offers complete nutrition designed to support your cat at every point throughout its life. Animonda Carny offers single protein options, which are perfect if your cat needs gentler nutrition, as well as delicious combinations such as Beef, Turkey & Rabbit or Beef, Chicken & Duck Hearts.

  • What does the full Animonda Carny wet cat food range contain?

    The Animonda Carny Wet Cat Food range features both cans and pouches. Animonda Carny cans are available in a number of pack size options to suit single- or multi-cat households.

    • Adult: support your adult cat through the main phase of its life with Animonda Carny moist cat food, in beef, chicken, venison, lamb, turkey, duck hearts and a range of other delicious flavours, with 200g or 400g tins in grain-free recipes that are free from artificial additives and designed to provide all the key nutrients your cat needs. Animonda wet cat food is the perfect choice for every feline.
    • Adult Single Protein: choose a single protein option if your cat has more sensitive digestive needs, available in a saver pack to ensure you are always stocked up on the food your cat needs. 100% fresh, meaty ingredients offer your cat the very best!
    • Kitten: at the start of its life, your cat will require specially tailored nutrition to ensure it grows into a healthy adult, so Animonda Carny wet kitten food has been formulated into nutrient-rich complete recipes with pure fresh meat and natural taurine. Animonda wet cat food for kittens is also available in a range of flavours, so that you can find your cat’s favourite.
    • Senior: support your cat in its old age with Animonda wet senior cat food, ideal from the age of 7 years and with all the benefits of other Animonda Carny moist cat food, rich in meat and easy to chew.
    • Pouches: Animonda Carny wet cat food pouches are available in a range of delightful, unusual and exotic flavours that your cat will really crave, free from grain and soya and boasting natural meaty flavour.
  • How can I complete my cat’s diet?

    Why not round off your cat’s diet with a wholesome dry cat food from our zooplus Cat Shop, for great texture and flavour! We also offer a selection of tasty cat treats and beneficial supplements, to ensure your cat is living its best possible life.