Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Package Kitten 190g

6 x 190g
: 4/5
Bozita Feline cat food is a wet cat food for all stages of your cat's life. Made in Sweden with tasty chunks of meat in delicious jelly, comes in handy tetra pak packaging....further information
Product description
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Package Kitten 190g
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Package Kitten 190g
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Package Kitten 190g
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Package Kitten 190g
£6.22 / kg

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Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Package Kitten 190g

- 6 x 190g

£6.22 / kg

Product description

Bozita Feline cat food is a wet cat food for all stages of your cat's life. Made in Sweden with tasty chunks of meat in delicious jelly, comes in handy tetra pak packaging.

Sweden – a country of breathtaking beauty and untouched nature which provides the best possible basis for fresh, healthy and high-quality ingredients. This love of nature is part of the philosophy behind every pack of Bozita Feline cat food. Bozita Feline is produced in Sweden and contains Swedish ingredients, with an exceptionally high meat content – up to 93% meat in each chunk. This not only makes Bozita extra delicious for your cat, but also provides your pet with vital vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, as well as taurine, which is vital for your cat’s health. Bozita wet cat food contains natural Beta-Glucan extracted from yeast, which works together with your cat’s white blood cells to activate and strengthen the body’s defences.

The different varieties of Bozita Feline have been specially developed to suit your cat’s lifestyle.
Bozita Feline Kitten Wet Cat Food at a glance: For growing cats making the transition from milk to solid foods

  • Provides optimal energy during your cat’s important growth phase
  • With fresh Swedish chicken, for easy digestion and a delicious flavour
  • Contains SPC (Special Processed Cereals) – specially developed raw ingredients made from oats, that help to support a healthy digestive system
  • Naturally rich in taurine and selenium
  • With MacroGard® to help strengthen the body’s natural defences
The handy Tetra Pak Package is easy to open and ensures optimal protection for the contents. The Bozita Tetra Pak Package are easily resealed by folding back the corners, so food will stay fresh and tasty in the fridge for up to two days. Empty cartons are environmentally friendly and can be recycled where facilities exist. The empty, flat packaging takes up little space in the bin.


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Chicken (min. 88%), pork, treated yeast (SPC 1%), calcium carbonate, yeast (ß-1.3/1.6-glucan, 0.01%).


Nutritional Additives:
Vitamin A (2.280 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (230 IU/kg), vitamin E (14 mg/kg), copper [copper-II-sulphate-pentahydrate] (2.3 mg/kg), manganese [manganese-II & III oxide] (2 mg/kg), zinc [zinc sulphate, monohydrate] (16 mg/kg), iodine [calcium iodate, monohydrate] (0.1 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein7.5 %
fat6.0 %
fibre0.5 %
ash2.0 %
calcium0.35 %
phosphorus0.3 %
magnesium0.02 %
moisture83.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:
Bozita Feline is a complete cat food.

Bozita Feline Kitten:
Kittens weighing approx. 1kg (<4 months) should be fed approx. 158g per day.
Kittens weighing approx. 2kg (4-9 months) should be fed approx. 229g per day.
Kittens weighing approx. 4kg (9-12 months) should be fed approx. 393g per day.

The amounts given are just guidelines and should be adapted to meet your own cat's individual requirements, taking into account its health and activity levels.


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Latest user reviews

23/04/23 | Jessica
: 4/5

Kitten Gets Bored

Good quality of kitten food for the price however, due to a lack of flavours my kitten does get bored of it. I either end up mixing it with other food or not feeding it to him for a while so it seems ‘new’.
19/01/23 | Christina
: 1/5

Bad smell

Is it supposed to smell absolutely foul!? All 6 of my cats & kittens won’t go near it, it smells so terrible I had to get it out of my house asap. Either this is a bad batch or simply a terrible product. I would not recommend.
22/07/22 | Hua
: 4/5

My cat sometimes loves it sometimes hates it

I bought this cat food for it has 88% of meat (animal contents) and with relatively good value. I purchased three times now, with a mixed feeling. At the beginning my kitten seemed ok with it, then he loved the second batch I ordered, but not so much the third batch. Could it be there are differences of each batch? I am not sure. It smells so bad though my cat doesn't mind.
: 5/5

great food and packaging

My Maine Coon kitten eats just about anything, but he really, really loves this! And I appreciate the packaging - easy to get food out, easy to rinse and recyclable.
12/03/22 | Dawn
: 5/5

Bowls are linked clean

My 2 Ragdoll kittens absolutely love this food. Great quality food and bowls are always licked clean.
30/08/21 | Alex
: 5/5

Consistently good

My Maine Coon kitten loves it. It's easy to serve and the packaging is recyleable. I mix it with dry food that he doesn't like and he still would love to eat it despite the dry food.
21/06/21 | Adriana
: 1/5

Bad reaction...

I really wanted to like this product as it was recommended by a cat breeder so I started mixing it with their usual food but unfortunately after only 2 days my 3 kittens had very soft and foul stools. I stopped it immediately !!!
06/05/21 | Janine
: 2/5

Looked and smelt awful no wonder they didn't eat it

I was hopeful about discovering a new quality kitten food, for more variety, but this was totally disappointing and after the smell and reception of the first packet I won't be opening any more! This is the first kitten food that both of my kittens have refused - almost running to the hills.
23/02/21 | Osbourne
: 5/5

My kitten loves this!!

My kitten has been eating this from day go she loves it, It must be doing her good as she has beautiful shiny fur, she’s happy and healthy. I have been buying this for 4 months now and will continue too..
18/12/20 | Sarah
: 5/5

They eat it!

This is decent food (well smelling chunks of meat in jelly) and the most important thing is that my two kittens keep eating new batches. Nothing worse when they devour one delivery, you happily order a new, larger supply and they refuse to come close to it like happened with Animonda Carny. This product, touch wood, seems to be consistent and they continue liking it.
20/11/20 | Sylvester
: 5/5

Amazing food and my kitten loved it

My kitten is eating only high meet content wet food and he loved this one 😻 high quality and great value. Definelty recommend and Sylvester is giving 5🐾 🐾🐾🐾🐾
01/11/20 | GJF
: 3/5

Recipe change?

My kitten eats this Bozita food but isn’t as keen on it as a previous kitten multipack from Zooplus which had a much higher jelly content and chunks. This food is mushier. The kitten preferred that jelly texture. It smelled like turkey gravy for Xmas Day! The food does seem quality and has a high meat content. I like the Tetra Pak because it’s recyclable and is easy to serve. I wish I hadn’t bought two multipacks this time around though. The bowl isn’t cleared like the first lot supplied.
11/10/20 | Savannah
: 3/5

Kitten didn't eat it

I bought it because it's supposed to be high quality kitten food and it got good reviews. I thought my kitten would like it since it is in jelly and dense. Unfortunately my kitten didn't like it at all. He took a sniff and yanked back in horror. I tried to give it to him a couple of time with the same result. I'm giving it 3 stars since it's probably quality food, it just didn't please my kitten's taste buds.
08/09/20 | Marina
: 4/5

Kitten likes it, but I'm not sure..

Kitten seems to enjoy these chunks in gravy.I bought pack of six, but I don't think I'll be getting more. The ingredient list is good, although it does not provide clear breakdown of meat, just says chicken. Other brands (granatapet, feringa) mention whether it's bones, hearts, skin etc. Also kitten has runny stool, and very smelly poo. I've tried to mend this with probiotics, but it came back, so it seems that she has an individual reaction to this food. Might work for you,but only 4* from me.
10/07/20 | Courtney
: 5/5

big hit

My kittens are very happy with this. They were on Whiskers when we got them but we wanted to give them higher quality food. We switched to Hills which they liked but I wasn;t happy with the waste from pouches. Then tried Feringa which was ok but a bit dense so tried this which seems to have the perfect mix of meat and gravy. Would like bigger packs, but like the fact it is recyclable and very easy to clean out.
13/03/20 | Adele
: 2/5

Think it gave my cat V+D...

Tried slowly transitioning my 9 week old kitty onto it and noticed his poops going a little bit softer, but thought nothing of it. Came home after day 6 of his transition to a room full of vomit and diarrhoea and he had to be hospitalised for 5 days. I’m rating this 2 as I’m not sure that this is to do with the Bozita or a coincidence because my 12 month has been eating the adult stuff for 4 months and never had a problem and loves it, and it is good quality food.
: 5/5

Bengal kitten 6months old

I tried my Bengal kitten with bozita chicken in jelly kitten smaller cartons & he loves it. My kitten was on bozita adult chicken in jelly (cans)since a kitten but although another review said kittens can eat the adult cans,it's proven too rich for my cat stomach too handle. My kitten now eats the applaws kitten dry food & a carton of bozita kitten chicken in jelly a day & is more than enough for him. I will continue too buy cartons until he's 12months then put him back on the bozita cans.
25/11/19 | Nala
: 5/5

NALA my snow lynx bengal

Nala my snow lynx bengal 2.5 month old kitten loves it. THANKFULLY! as I gambled on it and bought 32 packs. She dived in and ate it all very quickly while purring at the same time.Lucky! only issue I'd say is.. there does seem to be a lot of jelly and there's no English language on the box which is quite strange.
14/09/19 | Mandy
: 4/5

Kittens love it but stinky

My kittens love this and so do my mom cats . But it stinks . Makes there poop stink too ... that’s the reason for a 4 stars .. needs to be a bigger a size also .
: 5/5

Kitten loves it

Really good wet food and kitten loves it. I have tried several different types of wet food. Kitten loves this the most. He gets super excited when he can smell or even see me holding the box. If i had one suggestion it would be to get bigger packs for the kitten, kitten tends to eat more than one pack per day which means i have to open two or give him something else.