Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g

Chicken Pâté
: 4/5
Delicious wet cat food from Sweden, designed to support your cat through its life phases as well as being suitable for kittens and pregnant mothers, with no added sugar....further information
Product description
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
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£3.54 / kg
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Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g - Chicken Pâté
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Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g

- Chicken Pâté

£3.54 / kg

Product description

Delicious wet cat food from Sweden, designed to support your cat through its life phases as well as being suitable for kittens and pregnant mothers, with no added sugar.

Bozita cat food contains all necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition. Bozita cans are suitable for pregnant and nursing cats as well as young cats and kittens.
  • 97% pure meat (dry solids) in appetising clear jelly
  • No soya, meat meal, colourings, sugar or grains
  • Handy easy-open packaging (410g can)
  • Multi-vitamins for a healthy life
  • Suitable for pregnant and nursing cats and for kittens
  • Contains all nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs

Bozita quality stands for:

  • Exclusive use of raw ingredients of the highest quality
  • Raw ingredients from humane farming
  • Meat from livestock inspected for food quality
  • All raw ingredients free of growth hormones
  • No artificial flavour enhancers
  • No artificial conservatives
  • No antibiotics
  • No meat-and-bone meal
  • Constant inspection of the production process (according to ISO 9001)
  • Modern environmental management systems (according to ISO 14001)
You'll find the best before date along the side of every can. Bozita cat food can be stored for up to two years from date of manufacture.


Go to analytical constituents
Chicken (22%), beef, pork, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.
Beef, chicken, pork, salmon (4%), sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.
Beef (meat 21%), chicken, pork, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.
Beef, chicken, pork, shrimps (4%), sodium chloride, calcium carbonate.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (2000 IU), vitamin D3 (200 IU), vitamin E (12mg), copper [copper-(II)-sulphate] (2mg), taurine (300mg), manganese [manganese-(II) & -(III) oxide] (1.4mg), zinc [zinc sulphate monohydrate] (14mg), iodine [calcium iodate monohydrate] (0.1mg).
Contains the vitamins and minerals your cat needs.
Technological additives:
Cassia-gum (3675mg).

Analytical constituents

protein9.5 %
fat5.0 %
fibre0.5 %
calcium0.3 %
phosphorus0.3 %
magnesium0.02 %
moisture82.0 %
minerals2.0 %
calories that can be burned350.0 kcal

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Bozita wet food is a complete food for cats.

Cat weight in kg Serving in g/day
2 - 3 200 - 300
3 - 4 300 - 400
4 - 5 400 - 500
5 - 6 500 - 600
6 - 7 600 - 700

This is simply a guideline. Quantities should be adapted to meet your pet\s individual needs incl. your cat's health and activity levels.

Durability: full preserve. Keep open cans refrigerated (max +8°C) and use within 2 days.


Bozita Canned Food 6 x 400g
: 4/5
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: 5/5
: 4/5
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: 1/5
Cats wouldn't touch
I bought this is as I was looking for a cheap food to feed the cats alongside them more expensive stuff. Upon opening the tin you are greeted with the most horrific smell. One of my cats gagged when I put it down in front of them and the other one just walked off to the other side of the room. Neither of them would go near the stuff. Maybe it's just the flavor I got but won't be trying again.
: 5/5
Filling and good
Our 2 cats love the beef one and it’s more filling than any cheap food and higher meat. Our gannet loves it and our fussy boy eats it happily
: 4/5
Good value for money
So far we've tried chicken beef and shrimp. The first two went down a treat, but both my cats weren't keen shrimp. I like bozita because it's grain and sugar free and good value for money.
: 1/5
my cats don't want to eat this
The cats try to eat this food and had some just after opening the can. But they never wanted to eat it again.
02/02/23|Helen Jordan
: 4/5
I am pleased that I found this food as it is cheaper than the Wild Freedom that I do prefer to serve up. While it is scoffed down by all 5 I am a little concerned about the amount of fat and the effect it may have on my senior if it is fed daily. For now though I am serving this alternately with the Wild Freedom, Cosma, lamb liver and fresh chicken
: 5/5
Good value, healthy cat food
Great value cat food if you have multiple cats. (or even one). Healthy and free from all the rubbish in run of the mill supermarket foods and some vet diets with the "big" names...why the hell do they put "various sugars" and cereals/grain etc in cat food?. My four cats like all flavours except for the prawn but it is not wasted as feeds strays, cat rescues and foxes. My cats have this in their food rotation with Animonda Vom Feinsten, Thrive etc
: 5/5
Great healthy, good value cat food.
Liked by all four cats. Helthy. No rubbish and good price which helps in a multi cat household.
: 5/5
Great healthy, good value cat food.
All flavours liked except Prawn probs. Will go to animal rescue or foxes. Really good food free of nasties. Good value for multicat households.
: 5/5
Juicy wet burst in taste. Wish was my dinner!
I am surprised many have said their cat don't like this. The secret isn't to expect a cat to get excited straight away. My 3 British Shorthair all with their own time they finish this food. One hoovers it in a go. The other two like to go and come and eat. I keep it out for 3 hours (UK cold weather) and guess what: Tins or carboard, any taste (fish/meat/etc) Gone! Patience as cats will not show excitement when you know you are waiting for them to eat at once. They will come to it slowly.
24/09/19|Carole Renard
: 3/5
Has congealed fat in, even in the fish flavour?
Tried the Bozita Cartons before and he liked those. Unfortunately the cans are not as good or pleasant looking as the Bozita in cartons. My cat eats it but it takes him a while and he keeps walking away from it. I find odd bits in there and there is also a lots of what looks like a layer of congealed fat at the bottoms of the cans, even in the fish flavours which is what I bought in the cans in this order. Will go back to ordering the cartons I think.
: 5/5
My kitten’s favourite food
My British shorthair kitten loves all flavours of this food.. it’s a nice and moist texture with plenty of jelly which she loves. This food gives her a lot of energy and keeps her a healthy weight due to the high meat and protein content.
: 5/5
My cat loves Bozita
I’ve been feeding my cat Bozita for the last 2 years and she loves it. She is an extremely fussy eater and I couldn’t find any other healthy/high meat content cat foods that she would eat. Before giving her Bozita her coat had been getting a bit dull, but since she’s been having Bozita it has been soft and healthy. The only flavour she doesn’t like is the beef. Other than that it goes down well. It works out as good value for money for me. For my cat a carton will last 2 days.
: 2/5
Are my cats this fussy?
Yes! They are. I ordered what I thought were cans & after reviews about the higher meat content etc I thought I would give this a go by ordering 6 cans (bearing in mind I thought these were standard pouch cans) of fish, shrimp, beef, & chicken. Not only were these not cans they were cartons & HUGE cartons. The food looks like vomit but it doesn’t smell as much as other stuff, so there’s a positive. My cats, lap up the sauce, well one does, & the other hates it - now I have 24 cartons of the stuf
: 2/5
Poor quality
Nasty cheap looking food, only the least fussy of my 4 cats will eat it and he only picks at it and it gives him diahorrea. The salmon is the best - they'll all pick at that, but none of them like the other flavours.
15/06/18|Ciara Elliot
: 5/5
Great value
To be honest, my cat would eat anything, but he is 18 and hasn't been in the best of health so I thought I'd try something of good quality to see if it helped. Very please with the product, he loves it and has been very well and more energetic since we changed to this food.
20/11/17|Matt Benton
: 2/5
Not as good as the cartons
My 11yr old nebelung isn't keen. I've tried the fish and the chicken, but he much prefers anything from bozita cartons. I've also noticed a couple of times after eating he starts licking around his mouth, as if there's a taste he's trying to get rid of. I'll give the rest away to the cat's home and stick with the cartons.
: 4/5
Diabetic Cat
We have been trying various foods for our recently diagnosed diabetic cat, with the focus on high protein/low carbs. We also wanted a product that our other 2 non-diabetic cats would enjoy. We tried Bozita, Granata Pet and Catz Finefood. Bozita and Granata Pet both went down very well with the diabetic cat, but the other 2 weren't bothered about any of them, which still makes it difficult at feeding times. However, Bozita is amazing value, and will continue with it.
: 2/5
My cat hates it!
My 8-month-old kitten has, so far, had a voracious appetite. However, he refuses to eat the beef Bozita canned food. He actually backs away from it in disgust. I've tried topping it up with his favourite biscuits but to no avail. He really hates this stuff! I now have 15 tins left and have thrown a lot of uneaten dinners away.
: 5/5
Loved by my very fussy cat
All of my cats unanimously agree on this food, they prefer it to the tetra paks and many months later still aren't bored. It's fantastic value. They eat the chicken and salmon ones, haven't tried the others.
03/05/15|Steve Joul
: 5/5
Chosen for it's content, our cat loves it.
When the stray cat that adopted us needed feeding she rejected the brands from my local shops. We believe she had been feeding from bird tables as she went wild at the sight of a slice of bread! I was surprised at the low meat content of those foods (approximately 4% I believe) so I researched the subject and ordered Bozita from Zooplus. This has a much higher meat content (approximately 96% I believe and partly derived from animal lungs). Our cat, who we named Summer, loves her Bozita. We buy the cans with chicken. She never fails to finish it and has no problems with it. I have given a can to a friend and her cats loved it too so we highly recommended it.