07/06/22 | annarita

My 2 dogs don't seem...

My 2 dogs don't seem really appealed by these for some reason. They're quite dried and not meaty enough so not sure what to do with them now... :(
05/12/22 | Red squirrel

Better than rawhide

Yes the pieces are small but the dogs can’t swallow without chewing them up, They enjoy them and that’s all that matters. No smell and my dogs never snub their noses at these. IMO a great quality product st a great price. Better than supermarket rubbish anyday,
04/02/22 | S. WOODCOCK


Our lab loves these and they don't upset his tummy

Variable size but good

ok so the size may vary a bit within the bag. There's occasional enormous ones that keep our Goldie occupied for a good long while and others he munches pretty quick. But all in all they're a good, utterly grim product that my dog absolutely loves like the proper wrong un' that he is :)

not extra long

have bought these before and have been a great price and size , just purchased some and disapointed price has increased and they are tiny only fit for very small dogs if you have a large breed forget it ....just like most other people on here please can you do something about this product as its a good one in large pieces and im sure sells well people dont mind to pay for a great product dont disapoint your customers as they will not come back
02/18/21 | KODI, BYNX and DOODLE


Owning giant breeds means long lasting chew snacks, being a St Bernard, with a Newfie brother and an even the smaller Labradoodle brat means that we love these. They last longer than any other chew and a bit similar to Paddywack so we're all very happy thank you. Mum says it's about the same price as Paddywack and seems quite natuaral and wholesome. We keep telling her it's very healthy, good gum excercise and good for teeth cleaning too.

Nothing like the photo any more

Like many other reviewers, my disappointment in this product is matched by my concern for my dogs' safety. The size and shape of these hard 'scraps' are too dangerous in my opinion to give to my dogs and they will have to be consigned to the bin. I have struggled to find one decent piece in each bag - simply not good enough!
07/06/20 | Kathy Jolly

My dog is sad

The last order of these was mostly small pieces with sharp points ... very very disappointed in Zooplus ... seems they have got popular and quality now has gone out of the window ... such a shame


My dogs are between 3kg and 10kg. These are a perfect size and they all love them. Ill be buying more, they wanted more!
02/17/20 | TD

Used to be great :-(

I’m having exactly the same experience as many other reviewers- these used to be a great chew for our large dogs, but the bags are now full of very small absolutely useless bits. Zooplus, please sort out your supply issues with this item!
02/07/20 | Delwyn Bale

Poor quality

Used to be excellent large pieces, but know very small sharp pieces.wont be buying again most of the latest order ended up in the bin
01/07/20 | Catherine B

Previously great, now poor

As with the many other reviews, these used to be excellent for my dogs but the last couple 4 bags I've ordered have been awful and I'm having to rummage around to find any that are suitable for my dogs. Please, please can the manufacturers go back to the previous good quality or change the photo and description to match the products that are now in the bags.

Small pieces!

What happened to these beef scalp pieces they used to have nice chunky pieces , now it is just full of small bits which are a choking hazard for my two big dogs. Please sort this out!

What has happened

I have bought these for my dogs for a while and they used to be much better than they are now. The recent orders have changed the pieces are much smaller and my dogs don't seem to enjoy them as much.

Lots of small pieces

These used to be excellent, good sized strips of chew that my dog loved. The latest bag is a jumble of different sized pieces - including lots of small pieces which are simply just not safe to feed - a choking hazard as they are small enough to gulp, or get stuck on a back tooth. I feel I've been sent a bag of offcuts in error, and will have to throw half of the bag away. There are about two pieces in the bag, which resemble the product photo.
08/05/19 | Colin Lane

Poor quality Scalp

Very disappointed with this product. It contained many sharp pieces and small bits. My two Labradors had problems chewing the product and due to the sharp points decided not to use.
06/12/19 | Trevor Mullan

Choke hazard

This is no longer suitable for big dogs as the pieces are now so small. Our dog choked on a piece that had not been suitably softened and tried to swallow it. The piece needed to be removed by me sticking my hand down his throat.
04/09/19 | Kathy jolly

A favourite

This is by far my boys favourite treat ... it gives him a good chew work out and he seems to thoroughly enjoy eating them ... if offered one of these against a tripe strip he always goes for this first They are also very good value
03/17/19 | Janet Covacic

Good chewing

I ordered these a month ago and the dogs loved them, I was just about to order more but have read the reviews so decided not to get any this time. There appears to be a priblem with several of the other trhings I would normally buy but it dosn't look as though anything is being done about it.
12/20/18 | Pei

It's good when it's right

Unfortunately, lately half the bag is made of unidentified white chews that my dog wouldn't even entertain, nothing at all like the pictures. Looks bleached. If there are brown dehydrated scalp pieces like the pictures, she still go mad for them, but it's not worth buying anymore when I have to throw away half the bag.

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