Dibo Premium Beef Gullet

: 4/5
Gently dried beef gullet for dogs, low in fat & high in protein, natural source of calcium, glucosamine & chondroitin, quality from Germany, natural, without any additives ...further information
Product description
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
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Dibo Premium Beef Gullet

- 250g

£11.96 / kg

Product description

Gently dried beef gullet for dogs, low in fat & high in protein, natural source of calcium, glucosamine & chondroitin, quality from Germany, natural, without any additives 

Dibo Premium Beef Gullet is a delicious chew for your dog. With a low-fat content, this natural treat is ideal for a low-calorie diet.

In addition, Dibo Premium Beef Gullet provides valuable calcium, which is needed to maintain normal bones and teeth. This snack also encourages chewing, which trains the chewing muscles and supports your pet's dental care. The natural dog snack is free from added sugar, chemical additives, flavourings, colourings and preservatives. This snack is cut into smaller pieces and is therefore also suitable for small-breed four-legged friends. 

Dibo Premium Beef Gullet at a glance:
  • Delicious chew for dogs of all ages
  • Low in fat: ideal for a calorie-conscious diet
  • Provides calcium: needed to maintain normal bones & teeth
  • Stimulates chewing: trains the chewing muscles & can support dental care
  • Natural source of glucosamine & chondroitin
  • Natural: free from added sugar, chemical additives, flavourings, colourings & preservatives
  • Sliced: smaller pieces, even for small-breed four-legged friends
  • Gently dried: gentle production
  • Quality from Germany
Please note:
Not suitable for dogs who directly swallow treats. Softer treats, for example ears, lungs or liver are more suitable. This product is 100% natural, so it may splinter during chewing. Please remove the splinters before giving the treat to your dog. Always supervise your dog when it is chewing.


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100% gently dried beef shoots.

According to the manufacturer, no additives are included.

Analytical constituents

protein71.5 %
fat6.5 %
moisture5.5 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Dibo Premium Beef Gullet is a single feed for dogs.

Only feed under supervision. Pay attention to the dog's individual nutritional needs.

Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Dibo Premium Beef Gullet
: 4/5
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: 3/5
Rather greasy but dog likes them
Some of the pieces have globs of fat clustered around them. Also there seems to be quite a lot of dirt on them, which looks like floor sweepings. I don’t have much confidence in the cleanliness of the production methods, although the dog loves them.
09/04/23|Emma clark
: 3/5
Very Differing Sizes
I spend regularly with Zooplus and have ordered these chews a lot. However the last order (8 bags) contained very small pieces almost as though they were offcuts of the normal 3-4" size. So small as to be a potential choking hazard for smaller dogs. Reluctant to buy again in case we get the same size. No problem with Zooplus sorting the problem immediately but would be good to get a choice of larger and smaller sizes depending on size of dog to avoid similar problems
27/10/20|Alison Birch
: 2/5
Care needed
After the scary experience this evening I won't be giving these to my greyhounds again. A large piece got stuck to Freddie's back molar and he couldn't free it himself. It took me 10 minutes with a toothbrush and tweezers to try to extract it from his mouth, it was really glued on. Awful experience for both of us, poor lad.
: 5/5
Doggo loves these
We were looking for natural chews for our dog and she love love loves these, completely recommend!
02/08/20|Colin Salter
: 2/5
Fat content
We have been buying these for a number of years and been very happy with them. They are identified as being low fat. More recently they have contained a lot of solid fat that I have to cut off and discard. I will continue to order in hope that the quality will improve as our two dogs like them.
: 3/5
Hit and Miss
My pup did like these but this wasn't a chew that I could use to distract him. More of a chew that kind of sits in the crate and lasts forever because he isn't crazy about them or may chew on when already calm. They do last a long time and as they're chewed they do become more exciting and enjoyable to chew as they get softer but I usually have to stuff them with something to get him interested.
: 2/5
Changed - too small
I purchased the small pack last time, it contained around 6 pieces of 5 inches, no issues. So I reordered the bigger pack size (3 individual 250g bags) and they contain 10+ pieces each bag, and some are less than an inch long, so unsuitable to feed many, will buy elsewhere next time where the length is specified.
: 5/5
Big Hit
These went down a treat with my cocker spaniel aNd toy poodle puppies. Felt a bit greasy but not stinky so that’s a bonus. Love all the Natural treats from this company
: 2/5
They’ve changed
Although they are bigger now, they seem to have been bleached. They smell different and look different. My dog used to go mad for the original ones but refused these new ones for weeks. Eventually she started to eat them again but doesn’t eat them with any enthusiasm and often leaves them until later, which is something she never does.
: 1/5
Not a safe treat if your dogs are as silly as mine
My Weimaraner choked and swallowed a big chunk and had problem passing it out the next day. We had to manually pull the indigestible chunk out of her bottom and needless to say, that was very unpleasant for both the dog and us. Yesterday, my other dog, a Yorkie, choked on it and started heaving and that warranted an emergency visit to the vet. Luckily, he managed to throw up a big chunk on the vet’s table. Vet obviously advised not to give this to the dogs anymore!
: 3/5
Would have been 5 except last batch were awful
I have purchased these treats for my two ESS on numerous occasions & have been overly impressed by them as they were of good size and lasted some time.They would certainly have been rated 5 stars. However the last batch were awful, small & scrappy pieces (probably 3 pieces would have made the size of what I was accustomed too) and the treats were laden with fat particles. Zooplus were very good with the complaint & refunded me however I am now very skeptical of ordering this item in the future.
: 5/5
Good value
its hard to find anything that lasts longer than 1 minute with a rottie but these last longer than most and he loves them.
: 2/5
Not a patch on cows ears
We bought these when cows ears were out of stock due to the good reviews but found our dogs weren’t that keen on them and they are very smelly.
: 5/5
Great value for money
Theses are my whippet's favourite treat by far. They are pretty greasy and smell a little bit (to be expected) but he goes mad for these
13/09/17|Debbie Browning
: 5/5
Long lasting
There aren't many natural chews that my JRT enjoys but these are a must. I'm just about to order my second batch. She loves them. As in other reviews, an awkward shape which makes them last longer and no nasty smell, which is a bonus.
: 4/5
Please can we have two sizes?
My dog thinks these are great. I tried one packet and it was cut into legnths of about 13 -15cms long, perfect for my big dog. I re-ordered several more packets but was disappointed to find they were all cut into tiny pieces 3 - 4cms.
: 5/5
I have three pugs and these are a big hit! Firstly, there were 9 in the pack, which is great value, and they smell like pork scratchings. One of the pugs crunched through one of these in 20 mins, no problem. The other 2 pugs are still in the garden as we speak, an hour later. So I guess it's down to the individual dog as to how long these last. Great for teeth cleaning as they have to really get their jaws around these to eat them. They love them, so I'll definitely be buying these again!
: 5/5
My dogs thoroughly enjoyed these and will buy again. Like most comments say they take a liitle longer as hard to get in their mouths to chew, once they had not much time remained but they really enjoyed.
: 5/5
Wonderful value for money
One of the longer lasting chews, takes my Cocker at least half an hour to get through one as they are an awkward shape and very tough. You get a lot for your money and they don't smell at all which is a bonus! I will be buying more when we run out.
: 5/5
Long lasting chew
My cyprus poodle loves these, mainly I think because of the challenge of eating them! The shape and the tuffness of the chew means she has to have a little tussle with it, and this encourages her all the more. I'm especially pleased with her interest in these because she's not really a great chewer, and won't touch hide chews at all, but she loves pig's ears, and they usually take her about 15 minutes to nibble through, whereas the gullet lasts her a good 40 minutes of constant chewing. Another bonus is that they don't smell, so they're good for rainy days when she can eat them inside.