The best bed

I brought this for my 2 yr old cat as she love being wrapped up and she’s obsessed with it, the best money I’ve spent on a pet bed

11/12/21 | Maria

Definitely worthy to have it

Our Teddy boy loved his new winter bed from the first moment he saw it

11/08/21 | S DAVIS


Our new rescue cat is very tiny, like a kitten, even though she is full-grown so this is perfect for her. She loves to snuggle deep inside of it & it keeps her toasty warm.

05/25/21 | Donna Jacquet

Works a treat!

My kitten absolutely loves this bed, he is a Spyhnx so hairless and it keeps him toasty and warm. Money well spent!

11/28/15 | Maria Green

Soft and cuddly!

I have 2 kittens and one just discovered how to get in this. She loves it and it's so soft I want one big enough for me! Great value product.


Super soft - guineas love it.

As soon as I'd put this out for my guinea pigs they were cuddled up and sleeping inside. Not sure how well it'll wash yet, but it's definitely a hit with my little guys.

09/07/12 | Emily

Brilliant for Guinea pigs!

I bought this for my 2 guinea pigs to keep them warm! i wanted one that had an opening so that they didnt get confised and could find their way out on their own as it is quite large! they absolutely love it!!! they use it to keep warm, we use it to catch them after they have been in their run. they cant resist it! definitely recommend for piggies!!

01/12/09 | Katie

Toasty Warm

Our 3 month old bengal kitten loves to snuggle up in this at bedtime. He is really toasty warm in there. He will take himself into it when he gets tired he loves it that much.

08/16/08 | Rita, Loughborough

Cute, soft and cuddly

The bag is very soft, made from nice quality plush, seems very well made and represents decent value for money. I bought it for my small 3.5kg Calico girl which was just as well as it isn't a big bag and would not have been large enough to accomodate my 7.3 kg Siamese boy who has inspected it but thought better of trying to go inside. Katie fits into it perfectly albeit reluctantly at times even though it keeps her as snug as a bug in a rug and safe from being pestered by Chocky my Siamese so overall I am very happy with the purchase.