Trixie Plush Cat Bed Leika - Beige

Diameter 50cm
: 4/5
Plush Trixie bed for cats and small dogs, colour; beige....further information
Product description
Trixie Plush Cat Bed Leika - Beige
Trixie Plush Cat Bed Leika - Beige
Trixie Plush Cat Bed Leika - Beige
Trixie Plush Cat Bed Leika - Beige
Trixie Plush Cat Bed Leika - Beige
Trixie Plush Cat Bed Leika - Beige
Diameter 50cm195781.0
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Product description

Plush Trixie bed for cats and small dogs, colour; beige.

Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK.

This plush Trixie bed is perfect for small dogs and cats.

The velour look makes the bed a great addition to any room.

The cover is plush/polyester, the base is easy-care nylon. The padding is appx. 8 cm tall and made of polyester fleece. The padding is removable.

The Plush Bed is washable at up to 30 °C.

Please note: A protective underlay should be placed beneath the bed when used on parquet or PVC floors to avoid possible discolouration.


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04/04/23 | Natty
: 3/5

Nice bed if slightly too small but too expensive

A nice comfortable bed that unzips for washing although a little too small for larger cats. When i bought this on 30/09/2021 it was £16.99 & now on 04/03/2023 its £26.49 an increase of 10%. Therefore its poor value for money when there are cheaper options available.
: 5/5

Looks great, our Bengal loves it

Although it took him 3 months to go in it, since then he absolutely loves it. During the day he usually only sleeps in there.
05/08/21 | Janine
: 2/5

Looks nice, but cats won't use it

A lovely looking soft cat bed, but neither of our cats will use it. I am not sure if it is because it is slightly domed and sinks down towards the rimmed edges? I also purchased the Cosma Cat Den which they like although they don't always use it every day.
: 3/5

Very small

I ordered this because it had fantastic reviews. I have Norwegian forest cat and it was just to small for him. So i donated the bed to my local shelter. Double check size before you order for your cat.
: 4/5

Plush Cat Bed

My little moggie loves her bed, usually takes her weeks to accept something new. From day one she slept in it and every day since. Quality and softness is well worth the money.
26/12/20 | Lynn
: 5/5

Great product!

Well I was a bit unsure as if my ‘Harry Beau’ was going to use it. But after a few days there he was settled in it. Great quality. Even better you can take the cover off and wash. Brilliant!! Thank you Zooplus.
: 5/5

Cat loves it too much!

Was tempted to give this a one star one review as my cat loved this bed so much, he rarely leaves it now! It arrived quickly and looks to be good quality… would recommend if you want your cat to ignore you in favour of his new bed!
07/12/19 | Pip
: 5/5

Kizzie loves it!

Kizzie loves her new bed! Excellent quality, one of the best so far! Kizzie is 17 and a med to large cat, plenty of space to stretch...currently loving life!x
23/11/19 | Kate
: 5/5

Why did I wait to buy this lovely cat bed

This cat bed came so quickly and well packed. The green plastic strap is a great toy so don’t throw it away before getting your cat to chase it. The bed is a complete success but to stop my 9 month old kitten from kneading it to shreds, I put a piece of towel inside, which has worked a treat.
01/09/19 | Carole Wood
: 5/5

A definite best buy

Both my cats love this bed and it has taken up a permanent position on the sofa next to me where they take turns to sleep in it, and it is just big enough for them both to squeeze in. They have plenty of sleeping places to choose from but this is one of their favourites.
: 5/5

A must-have for older cats

This is such a wonderful cat bed. My old cat has fallen in love with the warmth and comfiness of it - very easy to wash, great size. Worth so much more than 5 stars in my view! I recommend you combine this bed with the SnuggleSafe heat pad for older cats and it becomes cat heaven.
: 3/5

Not much room for the cat

This is a lovely cosy cat bed but there is so much padding in the middle the cat wouldn’t have room to sleep in it. I ordered the 50cm. My cat is a medium size so would need the largest size just to fit in it.
24/06/17 | Sandie
: 5/5

Trixie cat bed

Nice looking bed and very comfy. My cat loves it but she is only small. Think I would buy bigger if I had a large cat. The good thing about it is that the bottom unzips for removal of pad plus the outside ring also unzips to remove padding so bed minus padding can be put in washing machine. It's got a bit tatty now as cat catches lining with claws so going to buy another one. Would definitely recommend.
12/01/17 | Joanne Davies
: 5/5


Had this bed for nearly 3 years, my two cats were not I Interested at all for a year, tried all sorts to vet them in the bed and stay there. Then I put it in the corner where my little girl likes to sleep...wasn't interested in her usual corner anymore til I put a familiar blanket on top.....then she loved it. Then 6 months ago I moved things around & the bed is more in the little girl goes in & stays in it for hours. This week the boy cat has decided he likes it, buying another !!!!
30/08/16 | Molly
: 3/5

Feels amazing but cats are totally disinterested

Never been used! The cats much prefer the box it came in! It's a shame because it looks and feels so cosy.
: 5/5

Lovely cat bed but......

I bought this nearly 9 years ago when my cat was a kitten and she has never used it, which is a shame as it looks to be well made.
: 5/5

early to bed

Our British Blue 10 year old cat, Ruby, loves this cat bed. Since it arrived she has taken to going to bed early and lying in late as it is so soft and cosy - a big improvement on her previous bed. It is washable which is always a bonus
09/06/16 | CJ
: 5/5

Oh well!

I bought this for my cat, but apparently she doesn't like soft squidgy comfy beds, she prefers hard surfaces (who knew?!). So I gave it to my friend for her little old dog, who curled up in it immediately, fell asleep and loves it. For that reason, I'll give it 5 stars.
: 4/5

Not the prettiest, but kitties love it!

At first my 2 snow bengals didnt take to this at all! It sat there for about 2.5 weeks unused, as a last hope to get them into it, I placed one of their fleece mats in the bed, within minutes they were curled up and fast asleep. Now they love this bed and I always come home to find them curled up!
12/04/15 | Daiva
: 3/5

My cats won't come near it

From the human point of view it looks good quality,soft and snugly, however once on the floor if you put your hand on the edge the other side of it lifts from the floor. My 3 cats refuse to come near it and when I tried to put one of them on the bed she jumped right out of it and never looked back.