Bit expensive for what it is

Kitten of 8/9 months loves it, but once she’d worked it out it now doesn’t take her long at all. Good to keep them occupied for about 10 mins

03/24/20 | Ernesto

Good training

Milo found difficult to get food/treats from the board for a couple of days, but he kept trying, and now he became an expert getting his rewards from the of the tasks. Still shy to get around the little bowls and the raised individual compartments.


works fairly well

The cats never managed to get the food from the middle of the board or the round containers but otherwise it worked well

09/02/13 | Kayleigh

Good, but not great if you have multiple cats

I have four cats, and found that the most skilled cat was able to get the treats from any part of the board in seconds, and so was eating nearly all of the treats herself. I also discovered one of my cats couldn't really work it out/was too lazy to try and just sat by the board waiting for me to give him treats instead. I think it's a great toy if you have one cat, or your cats are similar in intelligence, but otherwise you have to be really careful in monitoring which cats are eating the treats!

06/03/12 | GAO

good ,but not challenge enough

I got this from my friend as a gift for my two cat. It;s lot of fun to watch them try solved problems. But after 2 hours play,my 10 mouth BSH kitten now can get the treats out in 10 seconds no matter where I placed the treat...

01/03/12 | Mazda

Indoor cat loved this fun board

Our 9 month tabby loves this activity board and he took to it straight away. He quickly knew what to do and enjoys the thrill of getting the treats.


almost a 5

the two cats -one 2 the other 18 both find this fun and it has only been around for a couple of days. the 2 yr old uses a "smash and grab" approach whereas the 18 yr old has a slightly more ponderous approach. It would get a 5 if there were some bits that could be entered sideways- ie if some of the balls could be on end.

09/04/10 | carys

Great for older cats

I bought this board for my 11 year old siamese cat, he doesnt play with toys but loves food, he loves this toy although i put it away for a while so he forgets how to get the treats out, my other two cats cant figure it out!

08/06/10 | NGS

expensive but good for indoor cats

Our British shorthair boy is largely an indoor cat as he's deaf, but perhaps because of this, he is fairly receptive to toys, very inquisitive and intelligent. Subsequently, he worked out each of the tasks almost straight away. Having said that, this is the only toy that he has showed sustained interest in and he uses it daily. Just a shame they couldn;t have made it a bit more difficult.