Useless if you have a cat with big paws!

My rescue, Sparky, wasn't neutered until he was about 3 years old so is a broad boy with big paws that struggles to fit into any of the bowls/gaps/etc of this toy. Going to give it to a neighbour who's adopting a kitten soon and hopefully it might get some use and will update my review.

12/28/17 | Maria

Not good for stupid cats

I bought this as it looked really good but clearly I have a bit of a stupid cat. He couldn't figure out half of the sections and if I put biscuits in the section with spikes he'd stick his head in it trying to get it, we were terrified he was going to cause damage to his face shoving his eye on a spike! He also has fat paws and struggled to pull biscuits out of the sections. We gave it away in the end, so do think about your cats intellect before purchasing.

03/22/12 | Sarah.

Stuck with it.

This item may be better suited for very, very young kittens as my 7mth kitten Missy used it to get her treats with zero difficulty! I view it as a very expensive plate that takes up alot of room. i can't be bothered to return it but i wish that i didn't purchase this.


Two bright cats not interested

I was really disappointed with this 'Fun Board'. I have two very bright Burmese - one who learned as a kitten how to open doors and locks - so I thought this would be ideal. One showed no interest whatsoever but the other who opens doors etc used it twice but not with much interest and only the wavy section. Feel it was a waste of money. Pity as the idea was good.

05/08/10 | jo

not for larger cats

My boys were a little disappointed with this. In my opinion its not that suitable for cats who have large paws! One of my brits couldnt wedge his paws in the glass bowls, & sadly he didnt get the stimulation with the other pieces which i had hoped they would. In the toys defence my boys arent hugely playful but to be honest i did expect more after reading the reviews.