06/04/21 | Katarzyna

Some parts too difficult if not impossible to get to

I love the idea, I break up my cat’s favourite stick snacks and spread it over the board, now he gets to hunt for his food and also slows down his eating. The middle part is great, tunnel is fine but too long, if snack falls too far no way cat can reach it, he cannot get the snack out if the little bowls, wish they were lower or something else in their place, also the maze on the tunnel, too dificult, so my cat only uses half of the board.

12/14/19 | Clara

Peeks Interest Occasionally

We wanted to get more toys that my (then 10 month old) mini panther could amuse himself with when he is home alone. I find it works well and it is used only if not left out for long periods. I bring it out only occasionally, otherwise he is not interested and just totally ignores it.

03/23/18 | Margaret Taylor

Stupid cat

Disappointed with my cat's reaction. He will retrieve treats from the zigzag and wave areas but only made one attempt to get food from the bells and didn't like the experience. The thought using his tongue to get treats out did not occur to him. Have tried to encourage him but he is not interested in making the effort.

12/06/17 | Cathy

Excellent concept

I love the concept of this. However my two kittens are just not interested. They sniff and move on no matter what tempting treats I use. Hoping when they get older it will be more useful

05/11/13 | Emma

Okay but cats aren't that excited

This is quite a good toy to have as its fun watching them try to work it out but after a few goes one of my kittens has kind of lost interest. I think he's a bit lazy! The globe part is probably the best as they have to use their paw. Not sure it's worth the price.

08/16/11 | Lynne Hughes

I love it, but my cat doesn't.

I'm gutted... this is a great product, but unfortunately my cat, Levi doesn't agree and doesn't want to know. I can't give this a bad rating because it's not due to the product being bad or anything. I think Levi knows that he's going to get his treats whether he works for them or not, so he's pretty much decided not to bother working for them. If you've got a cat who's spoilt rotten, and knows he's spoilt, then be warned that your cat might not want to know this. Levi knows he's going to get his treats so he plays with his other toys bought on zooplus instead! This is just sitting in it's box so I'm going to pass it on to a friend... I think her cat, Charlie will have much more fun with it.

10/31/10 | David Ellis

Depends on the cat

This keeps one of my cats occupied for quite a while as he gently gets food the way the product was designed. The other more intelligent cat figured out that if he tipped it over the food was far easier to access. The third cat ignores it.