05/02/22 | Porsha

Worth buying

This is a fab slower feeder. I could see my cat thinking!!! Hopefully she now loses some weight

10/05/21 | Lani

Pixie’s favourite

Pixie is a very intelligent cat. This is absolutely perfect keeping her mind busy as well as offering rewards. Super!

08/09/21 | Kari

Pleasantly surprised

My cat is 14 with severe arthritis so I was keen to get her something to keep her stimulated and entertained. She would happily eat her treats out of this all day long but obviously there's only so much I want her to eat, so it's got it limits. I don't really love the look of it on the floor but it's great to see my cat entertained for a while and learning something new. She purrs as soon as she knows it's getting filled with treats.

06/04/21 | Katarzyna

Some parts too difficult if not impossible to get to

I love the idea, I break up my cat’s favourite stick snacks and spread it over the board, now he gets to hunt for his food and also slows down his eating. The middle part is great, tunnel is fine but too long, if snack falls too far no way cat can reach it, he cannot get the snack out if the little bowls, wish they were lower or something else in their place, also the maze on the tunnel, too dificult, so my cat only uses half of the board.

05/22/21 | Angela Dowie

Great slow feeder

I bought this around 4 years ago for my cats dry food as she tends to eat it fast and throw up. It's great and she absolutely loves it, she waits patiently beside it every lunch time


My bengal babies love this

My babies love having to decipher ways to get their treats...keeps them busy and their minds ticking...just what we need for our highly intelligent and cheeky babies

04/07/21 | Anna

Great buy

Keeps my cats entertained for a wee while. Great especially for young cats, helps to develop important skills


Bit expensive for what it is

Kitten of 8/9 months loves it, but once she’d worked it out it now doesn’t take her long at all. Good to keep them occupied for about 10 mins

02/14/21 | Holly

Board game for cats

I wasn't expecting my old cat to love this as much as she does. She's not as enthusiastic about chasing mice or balls anymore and has been looking a little bored, especially as she's not going out due to the cold weather. This game has cheered her right up, her ears are up and her eyes are bright - a very good game to tackle her winter blues.

01/07/21 | Kat Caplice

The Caplice Coonies love it :)

We use the activity centre to fill the sections with different treats. It keeps our kitties busy for a while and also helps to improve their problem solving skills :)

12/31/20 | Natasha Colcombe


My cat loves this and picked it up quickly. I've had it a few years now and still in good condition. He used to just have his treats in it but I am now giving him his dry food in it to get him to eat slower and make him work for his food. It's definitely worked. Wish I'd thought to do it sooner.


So pleased we bought this

We needed to slow down our cats eating and this does the job very well. She learned how to use it very quickly, except the goldfish bowls, which we now take off for her to chase around the floor. It is very sturdy, easy to keep clean and worth the money.


Useless if you have a cat with big paws!

My rescue, Sparky, wasn't neutered until he was about 3 years old so is a broad boy with big paws that struggles to fit into any of the bowls/gaps/etc of this toy. Going to give it to a neighbour who's adopting a kitten soon and hopefully it might get some use and will update my review.

09/26/20 | Kim

Great intro to interactive toys!

At first glance I actually thought it would be too easy for them. The board was bigger than expected and I thought the gaps would be very easy for them to get to. Within seconds they’d gotten a treat, and I thought it would be over in minutes. Boy was I wrong! Some things are just easier than others, and they had a good half hour on it before they got everything. (Bare in mind there’s two of them at it!) The fish bowls were torture for Calvin, he just couldn’t understand it bless him!


Sturdy and challenging

Both of my cats had to put some effort to get the treat :) Most challenging are jars - cats managed to take out some of the treats, but left a few as got bored after several attempts. Overall good product, sturdy and quite heavy, so cats won't flip it over.

05/20/20 | Federica


My kitten really enjoys play with it

04/29/20 | Fran Low

Perfect for elderly cats!

I have an 18 year old cat with multiple health problems including epilepsy. She is very food orientated & will do anything for thrive chicken treats. This keeps her busy for at least 20 minutes at a time. She has arthritis, but, this is helping keep her legs less stiff & certainly her mind active. When she has finished, my tiny Burmese polishes off the rest. It is also too small for my Maine coon to get his paws into - so, can we have one for the larger kitties too please? Slots are very narrow.

03/24/20 | Ernesto

Good training

Milo found difficult to get food/treats from the board for a couple of days, but he kept trying, and now he became an expert getting his rewards from the of the tasks. Still shy to get around the little bowls and the raised individual compartments.


Great entertaining fun

Brought this to entertain my two indoor cats and they love it!

12/14/19 | Clara

Peeks Interest Occasionally

We wanted to get more toys that my (then 10 month old) mini panther could amuse himself with when he is home alone. I find it works well and it is used only if not left out for long periods. I bring it out only occasionally, otherwise he is not interested and just totally ignores it.

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