Excellent litter tray

Works really well for my bengal who likes to pee standing up? Really easy to empty and lift.


This litter box has been a lifesaver. My rescue cat prefers an open tray but in an ordinary one, she manages to wee vertically and it goes everywhere, I tried a hooded tray . The first one managed to leak through the catches. The second one had fewer catches but then she decided she didn’t like feeling confined so chose spots around the house. This tray is perfect. She likes the room and it being open and I like the wee staying in the box. Win win. Had it just over a month and no accidents.
04/28/21 | Charlotte Steel

At last a tray my cat can’t wee over the sides!

I’m on my fourth litter tray! My one cat seems to wee over the sides or her wee gets between the hood and the tray...NO MORE! This product is great it’s large and simple to use, my cats can climb in and out easily and I don’t have to buy puppy pads to put under anymore.

So far so good

It took a week before my cat realised this was actually a litter box, but now it's the one she always chooses to use. She's quite a big cat, but she seems to fit into it quite comfortably. It's also easy for me to carry and easy to clean, which is helpful.
05/10/20 | Christina K.

Great for senior cat and easy to clean

Very impressed with this litter box. My 20 year old cat manages to get in fine as the edges are so slim, and there's plenty of space. High enough on the sides for him not to make a big mess. My favourite part is cleaning it. So super easy with this design.
12/21/19 | Sascha

Expensive but best ever purchase for senior cat and owner.

Was dubious as so expensive. But for anyone struggling to get down low and pick up their cats litter box or it's deposits this is a great help due to the handles & flexible sides. Since my cat has used it she's had no problem peeing inside the box instead of outside unlike the conventional flat litter box. This has really nice tall substantial sides & is a big space for the cat to turn around in. I have a large cat & it's worked so well on so many important issues both for her and for me.

Lilou loves using it

No regrets buying this. It's flexible so it can fit in different locations, with nice high sides that still seem very 'open' - good for a cat that needs a box with no cover. Lilou uses smart pellets and they won't scratch the base easily, but clay could after a while. Easy to empty and to clean, although obviously better without using a liner. It looks smart and modern, and you can hang the scoop on the outside of the box. Very happy overall, especially as it was on offer too.

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