Exploding can

My cats love it but every single can exploded meat juice everywhere when I opened it! Disgusting.

09/02/20 | Sadia Khanam

Not for my cats

It smelt delicious to me but my cats thought otherwise. They only had a small mouthful every now and then, left it out for a while and then had to throw away the rest - about half a can wasted. I don't think its because my cats are picky. One of them, definitely, but the other eats anything and everything, yet he has no interest in this brand. I'm trying other adults foods (they just became an adult) and this one ranked bottom for the two.

07/21/20 | RobC

Nope. It’s a thick paste; no chunks of meat

I purchased some cans of this last year for my two British Shorthairs. It’s not chunks of meat, as per tin photo, merely a thick paste. My cats refused to eat it.

07/11/20 | Kalina

Not for my Ragdoll

My cat managed to eat only one can... then didn't even wants to look at it, so I am not going to buy it anymore...😏

07/08/19 | Louise Howell

My cat refused this food

Unfortunately my cat would not eat this, he does not like the smell.

04/18/19 | Collette

not easy to open

I was not too impressed with the tins of these that i bought for my Oscar apart from the fact that the ring pull came off in my hand without the lid of the can i thought it was just me but my 2 sons tried opening these and the same again and the cat wasnt too keen on it either

07/24/18 | Karin

Not for my Birmans

I have recently bought 4 different flavours. I have two Birmans, one extremely fussy and one who isn't fussy at all. The fussy cat didn't eat it at all. The ratings are by the not fussy cat: *Purple tin; Multi-Fleischcoctail (Meat Saucer) Rating 1. *Orange tin; Rind + Huhn (Beef + Chicken) Rating 1. *Blue tin; Rind + Kabeljau mit Petersilienwurzeln (Beef +Cod w Parsley root) Rating 2. *Light Green tin; Rind ,Pute +Kaninchen (Beef, Turkey, Rabbit) Rating 3. Not good or bad, but can eat it.

06/17/17 | mary ann

my cat wouldn't touch it

sadly. but he is a fussy critter.

04/29/17 | A Breen

Did not sit well with our 3 ladies

Initially they seemed interested but then started leaving it. This could be that they are used to Felix DD and that is a completely different consistency. Animonda Carny has a rough pate type consistency.