06/20/22 | Matthew

High Meat Quality German Cat food

My rescue cat is on this brand as recommended by the rescue centre. I like the fact it’s meat content is very high and there are no nasties in it. Some of the cans did spew liquid upon opening but my cat still ate it and is fine and the food smelled ok. My cat loves this food however Chicken, Turkey and Duckhearts and the Beef only varieties he won’t touch not sure why! A good food and I know my cat is getting all his dietary needs with this brand.

11/19/20 | Kirstyn Bennett

Took some persuasion but now he loves it

It took a while for for our floof to get used to it and at first was turning his nose up. But after some persuassion he know loves it. It isn't chunks of meat (as the picture would imply) and is more like corned beef texture but seems to be much better for him than Whiskas or Felix. Plus the packaging is completely recyclable another bonus for us

09/04/19 | sarah JL

Good quality food that my cats love.

At first, it seems that this food is expensive but the tins are packed solidly which meaty, good quality food and you would could easily fill up 2 of the sachets of normal food from one small tin of this. I was aware that a lot of brands only have 4% meat or fish in so I had been buying more expensive sachets of better quality food and they work out much more expensive than this food does. My cats can't eat it quickly enough!

02/05/17 | zoe

it's good but not the best

I bought two flavours, pure beef and chicken+beef. They are both good but seems drier than other makes. given both has pieces of fat at the bottom, I recommend beef+ chicken because there are many tiny little bits of fat throughout the whole tin of pure beef which my baby doesnt like and those tiny pieces are too small n too many to be picked out