08/03/21 | Khuyen Le

Totally disappointed

Maybe I got a bad batch, but non of 3 cats want to touch the food. The chicken one that I got smell so strong like lamb.

07/20/21 | Lauren

Healthier cat

Cat was on Animonda Carny from a kitten, and always had issues in the litter tray so trying him on a single protein diet. We started with the trial pack and he went wild! He's always loved his food but had calmed down lately. Now it's like when he was a kitten again. He's also much healthier in the litter box. The veal does have a strong smell so I don't think we'll go for that, but the others are all fine. Really moist and although they're more like a pate, he's much healthier on this!

07/04/21 | Natalie

Awful smell and look

Awful smell of metal and look like dog vomit. Not sure if should smell like that and look...as ordered first time this particular feringa but do not recommend.

07/04/21 | Natalie

Awful smell

Awful smell of metal and look like dog vomit. Not sure if should smell like that and look...as ordered first time this particular feringa but do not recommend.


Best wet food

After looking into feeding my cats wet food alongside their raw diet I realised most wet cat food contained pork or 'meat byproducts' which I wanted to avoid if possible. I usually feed my cats raw in the morning and this for dinner and they seem to prefer it over other wet food I've tried. My bsh was raised on a raw only diet but she has taken to this so well. Would give 5 stars but it is quite expensive although for the quality I'll be sticking to this

05/11/21 | Agnieszka

Something's wrong

Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the canned food. After opening the can, the food appeared spoiled. I think it was stored at the wrong temperature, that's how it looked. The cat ate this food earlier, not this time, after a few attempts at food, it ended with diarrhea ... This is how he reacted to all 6 cans .... I ordered the same feed before and it was all right ...


So far, so good

Saw this wet food and ordered 12cans of chicken and 12 cans of salmon as well as 3 packs of kibble which we haven't yet opened. She loves the wet food and I think she's more settled after eating her meals now. Her litter tray is, shall we say, a lot healthier. I just hope that it is what it says on the tin.

02/16/21 | Kate


My two sister cats really weren’t impressed with this, and I have to say it looked incredibly sludgy with not much solid meat content. They both nibble a bit and walk off. And I’ve 30 cans left.....what a waste. Also not impressed with the random herbs and vegetables in there......what’s that all about? Cats don’t eat parsnip in the wild do they?


Satisfied customers!

My three cats, now five years old, have all enjoyed the Feringa varieties from kittenhood. There is never any waste, making it very good value for money. All good solid meat, not filled up with gravy and jelly. The cats are always satisfied with this food.

05/10/20 | Tricia

Very happy kitty; very happy owner

This is absolutely best food for my cat, rabbit is perfect for him and we didn't have skin problem since we are on it:)

03/23/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Excellent wet food!

My cat couldn't get enough of this from the first time he tried it. He loves this wet food, rabbit is one of his favourites. The ingredients are excellent, with real meat and everything a true carnivore could need. My cat has a huge appetite and never knows when to stop eating, but ever since I've reduced his kibble intake and started feeding him this he's been losing weight. He's more active and healthy ! It's plain to see that this is simply wonderful wet food that is much better suited to carnivores than kibble could ever be !

03/15/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My 19 year old cat with urinary issues and skinny as a bean pole has been vomiting almost non-stop and losing her hair. This food has helped her to regain kidney function and she is lively and energetic again. Clearly a great product.

03/02/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great ingredients

Both of my cats are fussy eaters but they love Pure Meat. Smells good, you can see chunks of meat in the food and the consistency is more like a mousse. Great value for money, definitely recommend it

02/26/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best food

My cats can be very picky when it comes to food, so I am always happy when I find something that they love eating. Great ingredients and creative flavour combinations.

01/28/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Seal of approval from Bart! And it was far from a foregone conclusion seeing as he is incredibly difficult when it comes to food. Pepsi also loves it, but that's not much of a surprise given she eats anything she can, even paper :D The salmon smells so good that it makes you hungry!!

12/16/19 | Ana De Carvalho

Used to be good

Before Feringa started to add catnip and the like to its meat products, my cat used to love the pure rabbit meat. I have wasted a lot of money on Feringa products which he now cannot stand. The only one acceptable to him is the salmon with potato and parsley. What a shame and disappointment. Why tamper with something that was perfect? I've had to donate all cans to a local cat rescue centre


My cats love it

Been feeding this for a few months now and they seem to enjoy the variety. I do however wish it was cheaper but then it does have high meat content so its understandable. If it was to rise in price I would stop buying it.

02/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie

chicken and squash

Like the ingredients, I've been looking for a cat food like this for a long time! Very impressed reading through the recipe details. But more importantly my Bengals love it. I mostly feed raw but now can feed a really good wet food in addition. Only tried chicken so far but will be offering the variety pack


Fussy cat loves it

My cat is fussy and toothless. She never eats anything for long but absolutely loves this. It's soft but heavy which is great because she hates pâtés but can't eat hard food. Its high meat content is brilliant and she seems much healthier for it. Seems expensive but one tin goes A LOT further than most of the other foods shes tried so its cheaper in the long run. It does look the same as the carny brand to me but I get both and she can somehow tell the difference so when she gets bored of one after a week I switch to the other and then back. First time in years Iv found something she will eat with relish

04/28/13 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Mixed reviews

I bought a trial pack for my fussy ragdoll and it didn't go down well. She won't eat Carny or Grau and it looks much the same. A sniff and a taste and she walked away so I gave the remaining cans to my mum for her moggy boys. The dishes were clean within seconds. You win some you lose some.

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