Really nice

Very nice food, pleasant smell and ca really like it. Unfortunately food doesn't look so good the next day, and doesn't smell that good too.


Kitten likes it

It doesn't smell as much as Smilla and kitten likes this better. I mush it up with a little bit of water to get some liquid in him and make it easier to chew.

09/28/19 | Sorina

She like just the turkey

My kitten likes the turkey but often leaves half and enjoys the dry food

03/09/19 | Rebecca

We’ve switched

We’re pleased with this and our kittens seem to really like it - though I don’t think they’re particularly fussy. I actually quite like the smell - the chicken is definitely more pleasant than the turkey but I don’t think either are unpalatable. It’s probably a matter of taste. My one criticism is that the feeding guide is a bit vague. It’s a minor issue, but it would be nice if it were a little more precise!

01/16/19 | Kate

Good quality food

The food is great quality my kitten will eat it eventually but he wont eat it unless he knows its the only option such a shame as the only other food he will eat is the royal canin pouches in jelly which im not happy with as to low meat content and to much grains. Going to try mixing them to see if he will eat it as want to keep trying the healthier foods.

03/22/17 | Kev Harper

Very palatable, but a little too much jelly...

I bought this as a trial for the kittens, as it's a nice sized tin and the small Applaws tins aren't enough. The kittens certainly tuck in to it, but I don't think it's quite on a par with Applaws Wet Food in terms of ultimate quality, as it does have a lot of jelly in the tin as well. Overall though, if you want better quality food at a good price you can't go wrong.

11/23/15 | Vendula

Quality food

My kitten doesn't like Feringa at all. I really wanted him to like it as the ingredients are great but unfortunately my kitten disagree with me!

05/10/15 | GV

Take a few tries

I order both Chicken and Turkey. The Turkey one is very smelly.. one of my cats was not sure to start with. But after 2 or 3 meals he was happy to eat it. My other cats enjoy both Chicken and Turkey Overall, good food, Reasonable priced.