Terrible for my kitten

My 3 month kitten liked this food but has been unwell and with diarrhoea. Since 1 week I changed to other brand and now he is ok.

05/18/22 | Kerry bonsell


All the kitten cans were off as I could push the top down , my kitten has been unwell , I never noticed until the 3rd one , she’s a ragdoll and is so unwell now


Very disappointing

The description of this cat food sounds great - great meat content and cost effective. Unfortunately my cat won't eat it and it smells much stronger then any other cat food I bought. Not great :(


Didn’t agree with kitten, other cats found it unpalatable

Well tried this a few times with my kitten over 4 months. He’s not a fan of the taste/texture. Also he’s gotten diarrhoea after each time eating it. Other adult cats that eat anything won’t touch it.

10/10/20 | Esra


Unfortunately my cat didn't like it at all. I even kind of forced him to eat it and didn't give him any biscuits all day, he choose to stay hungry. :((( Wasted all of it.

05/18/20 | Chloe


My 10 months kitten eats everything except this wet food. Not even one bite. Wasted my money.



The only good my 2 Bengals wouldn't touch at all


Not a success

The kittens really didn't like this - and even our 2 year old that eats anything wasn't trying to steal it like he does most other food!

12/31/18 | Elaine

Made my kitten vomit

I've tried my 7 months ragdoll kitten on a few different foods but he vomited immediately after trying this. He's never ever vomited before. Bless my poor kitty he was so good and vomited in the litter tray. I won't feed him this again


Our 6 months ragdoll hates it

Our kitty hates it! She will eat almost anything, even if we drop a spaghetti or a vegetable she will grab and eat it, but this food she doesn’t even touch. She would rather be hungry than touch it, every attempt and opened can just goes to bin. Waste of money!


Less than

My 2 kittens who are hungry all the time and, so far, aren't picky HATE this. They sniff at it from a distance and then make moves to bury it! Not one morsel has been eaten and it goes straight in the bin. I would give this nil point.

01/09/18 | Adrian dennis

Waste of money

Unfortunately my kitten would not eat this I ordered 2 flavours and a bulk order which I'm stuck with she now eats James well beloved and eats every morsel so money well spent I suppose it depends on your kitten mine just didn't like it


Refused to touch it

They're fussy cats, but this is the first time none of the three has been prepared to do any more than sniff at the food disdainfully. Am glad I only bought six tins to experiment!

03/02/17 | Clare

Awful in every way

We have 3 cats. 1 6yr old moggy cat and 2 maine coon kittens. None of them particularly fussy eaters. I bought a variety of this, as the ingredients for the price looked reasonable. It looked and smelt disgusting no matter what flavour we opened. Sure, we don't have to eat it ourselves but they all hated it. Even the moggy cat. Ended up giving it to the local animal shelter. Would never buy Feringa again.

11/04/16 | Sylvia


I gave up trying to feed this to my ragdoll kitten after he turned his nose up and refused to eat it. He has no problem with Bozita, Hilife and other brands though.