Not a favourite with Milo, but good

I've been trying Milo on some different, higher quality foods as he came to us on Whiskas and he would always lick the jelly/gravy and not eat the meat. This is the first brand we tried and he does enjoy it a lot more, actually makes an effort to eat it, but is not his favourite and will always leave some in the bowl.
03/22/22 | Christine Drury

Not to his taste

Unfortunately my fussy kitten didn't like this & I had to throw a lot away. I now have many cans to donate to a cat sanctuary.
11/27/21 | Sophie

Looks like quality but can’t persuade my cats!

This looks like a quality product for a reasonable price - sadly my kittens don’t seem to think so - they would barely eat it.. but they don’t like minced fillet of beef either any more so they are hard to please!
08/23/21 | Mandana

Quite dry and kittens don't like it

This food is pretty dry, I had to mix in some water. The can is very full, which is a good thing but there isn't enough jelly for the content so it's mostly very dry. My 8-9 months old kittens didn't really like any of the flavours much. It might be the texture or just their taste of course.
12/17/20 | Stephanie James

Didnt go down well

My kitten does not like this, she barely touches it at all. Mish my older cat also turns up her nose when she goes to investigate the kittens food. I do have two fussy spoilt cats however and I am sure the quality of the food itself is good. But three stars as no issue with it but they dont like it.
01/28/19 | Fussykittens

Smells nice to me but kittens hate it

I am disappointed as it looks and smells like a really good product. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to gradually replace my kittens' Felix AGAIL with this food, then just don't like it. I am still looking for a better quality, affordable food that they will accept!
12/29/16 | Hannah Moynehan

new kitten not keen but...

she was brought up on Whiskas kitten. She seems not keen on that either now and I seem to have created a monster with the Feringa dry kitten food as that is all she really wants. I have several other decent meat content wet things on order to see if I can persuade her into something else. However the creaky old 18 year old found it and hoovered the lot so at least it won't go to waste!
03/25/16 | Lucky

Not bothered

My kitten ate it begrudgingly but wasnt as excited as other foods. This is a pate style and he seems to prefer the chunks of well beloved or bozita.

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