05/08/18 | Anna

A bit dear, but the cat loves it

You see the chicken meat in this tin, no filler product like jelly or paste. The cat loves it and doesn't get tired of it unless on it continuously for a longer time.
02/11/17 | shiva

good quality wet food

applaws cat food is a high quality cat food. it doesn't contain many of the filler junk that is there in some other wet food. infact one of my cats will not eat any other wet food. i just add felini complete. the only problem i have is that sometimes it feels as though the quantity is less.
10/02/13 | C.B

Applause for Applaws

Applaws is a great food brand. My cats love the taste and texture, and I like feeding something that's so high in meat and so free of additives. They've never discovered a flavour they dislike, though their favourites are chicken and cheese and chicken and pumpkin. Buying in bulk like this is very convenient both financially and time-wise, though I wish ZooPlus would offer a mixed flavour variety in the 24 packs. I'd be willing to pay a little more for it, as my cats are very fussy and get bored if they have the same flavour too often in a row. When we can afford to, we buy several in the various different flavours and mix and match but as it's such a pricey brand it's rare that we can do that. If you care about feeding your cat a high-meat, no-wheat diet Applaws is perfect. The variety of flavours is excellent and these large cans are the perfect size for two small cats or a single large cat to eat for a day.
04/30/13 | Fiona

fussy cat

This is the only food our fussy cat will eat but I have to agree with other reviewer that the recipe has changed and now tins contain rice as well as fish and some tins contain rather a lot of liquid. I don't have a choice in buying other types of food as our cat refuses to eat anything else
07/31/10 | Ashley

Good quality but feed as a treat

The food is of excellent quality and my cats seemed to adore it but quickly got tired of it. It's also not a complete food so it should be fed as a treat. My cats needed encouragement to eat it at first as it's quite different to commercial food, which meant topping it with some cat biscuits. I'd recommend feeding it as a treat so your cats don't get bored of it like mine.

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