07/18/22 | JadeL

Daily treat!

Both my fur babies (18 and 7 months old) love these and the fish ones e.g. tuna and prawns. I like this as if they are unwell or have soft stool I find giving them chicken with pumpkin seems to settle them down. If they are sleeping in the bedroom they will come running to the kitchen when I start to open a tin…it’s amazing how sharp their ears are! 😅 they jump on me or claw the cupboard underneath the kitchen counter in excitement! It’s only a treat for them as these are not complete diet
05/30/22 | Przemek


My cat loves this but I am pretty sure that’s where he gas got his allergic reaction from as he loss a lot of fur.

Cats love it but not complete

This is very expensive for a food that isn’t complete. A shame as my cats love it.
07/11/20 | Kalina

Perfect for my boy

He just loves it..
02/08/19 | Caroline Gooch

Cats love this

My cats adore Applaws. Chicken and cheese is the can of choice and they’ve shared a big can of this every day for years now.
05/08/18 | Anna

A bit dear, but the cat loves it

You see the chicken meat in this tin, no filler product like jelly or paste. The cat loves it and doesn't get tired of it unless on it continuously for a longer time.


Kitty loves the chicken and cheese! The bigger cans also mean he eatd more and doesn't feel the need to bury for later.


Fantastic food which my two Bengals love - even the Pumpkin! Beware though this is not a standalone food - you need to feed with a complete food as well if your cats don't catch and eat prey regularly - mine catch but don't eat. Probably because they're spoilt! My two share a tin each morning and night and have complete dry food during the day

Good Quality Food and my cats love it.

One of my cats loves the chicken, the other loves the tuna. I've still to try my cats with any of the others but I will. I feel good that I'm feeding my two with a high protein good quality food.
02/11/17 | shiva

good quality wet food

applaws cat food is a high quality cat food. it doesn't contain many of the filler junk that is there in some other wet food. infact one of my cats will not eat any other wet food. i just add felini complete. the only problem i have is that sometimes it feels as though the quantity is less.
02/05/17 | Karen

Best food ever

Great food never leave any and my cats coats are looking great on it highly recommend this food
09/27/15 | Scottie

High quality cat food

high quality food. my two ragdoll cats simply love most of available varieties including chicken. only natural ingredients. highly recommended.
08/20/14 | Emma


My two tabbies Mulder & Scully love this food! Their favourite is the chicken and cheese, they always end up licking their bowls clean! I make sure I have some in the cupboard at all times. The best food at such a good price!
06/09/14 | Carol Boardman

mixed flavor saver pack

I have 8 Cats so as you can imagine it cost a fortune to feed and as there are a couple on special need food extra expense. I feed a variety of foods Applaws is a favourite but having to buy 24 of one variety sometimes does not work so well as cats like an assortment of tastes so the one thing missing from the range is a multi mix of flavours
06/08/14 | Debbie

Bently & Macavity Love It !!!!

Bently & Macavity have tried every brand of food and finally I found Applaws . This is the only food that makes them clear their bowls in one go . They Love It !!!

My cat won't eat any other wet food!

My picky tabby loves this food. He only eats the tuna versions but adores them and we are happy knowing that they are good quality too.
06/08/14 | Teresa Farr

Great Price

Always google for the best price for this item as our cats love it - Zooplus always the cheapest and fast delivery guaranteed
06/08/14 | Isobel

Ethical and good quality

I switched to Applaws as I wanted my loved cat to eat food from animals that had not spent their lives in misery. Unlike other wet cat foods, the smell when you open the tin does not disgust. The cat enjoys it and cleans his plate.. Another advantage I have learned to appreciate is that my cat's faeces smell far less now he is on Applaws. As we spend some time on a smallish boat where he has to use a litter tray, this means no more trying to clear an abominable smell from a confined space. Result!


I breed Burmese and couldn't recommend any other brand of wet food - this really is the best - along with your choice of dry, complete diet.
06/08/14 | Jennifer Lowe

Absolute Applawsilicious

I have 9 cats, 7 boys 2 Girls. The girls are Prima Donna's of the highest order. They eat chicken Applaws only, nothing else is good enough for them. I dread to think what would happen if I could no longer buy it from my favourite company, Zoo plus. I do believe they would leave home! Of course if I win this voucher it will go towards the purchase of more Applaws.

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