Dog Stomach & Digestion Supplements

Digestive health is essential to your dog’s overall well-being. Supplements that contain probiotics (beneficial bacteria), prebiotics (food for those good bugs) and digestive enzymes may promote better nutrient absorption and help with problems such as a sensitive stomach and chronic diarrhea.
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    3 products

    Probiotic supplement for dogs, contains living lactic acid bacteria and minerals, can promote intestinal health and strengthen the immune system, in practical sachets, easy to feed to your dog

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    Support your dog's digestion with a tailored mix of prebiotics and probiotics that helps keep stool firm, and block bad bacteria, while feeding the good bacteria that support your dog’s digestive system. 

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    Grain-free, functional dog chews made from tasty beef rawhide with a delicious carrot and beetroot filling. With MOS and FOS prebiotics to support a healthy digestive system and a balanced gut flora.

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