Calm & Stress

Help reduce stress and anxiety in your dog with this wholesome range of Calm & Stress dry dog food, formulated to provide relief in potentially difficult situations. These veterinary Calm & Stress diets are a great way to make life more enjoyable as both a pet and an owner, minimising stressed behaviours and helping improve your dog's quality of life.
These Calm & Stress dry dog food options are ideal for combatting stress-related digestive issues or skin problems, both of which can be caused by anxiety and can make life particularly uncomfortable for your canine.
Help improve overall quality of life and reduce stress with these delicious, nutritious Calm & Stress veterinary dog food diets!


    2 products
    2 products

    Highly digestible, dietetic dry food for small breed dogs with stress-related gastrointestinal disorders, low-fat formula with increased electrolyte content, can support digestion

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    Royal Canin Veterinary Calm Small Dog

    Dietetic dry dog food for small breeds, helps in stressful situations, with hydrolysed milk protein, L-tryptophan and essential omega fatty acids, can aid digestion 

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