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Natural Meadow Hay

Product description

Natural Meadow Hay 3 14
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Product description

Natural Meadow Hay is the "daily bread" of all small pets. Packed loosely for easy unpacking and portioning.
Natural Meadow Hay is entirely natural and is not chopped or pressed. Its natural structure guarantees natural nibbling fun, will keep your pet busy and help with tooth abrasion. The long stalks ensure this hay stays in the hay rack rather and won't fall on the floor and be soiled.

Please note:
Meadow hay is an untreated product that varies with weather conditions. Varying shades of green, yellow stalks or a paler colour are not signs of inferior quality. Good hay can be distinguished by smell and consistency. Quality hay will smell fresh and pleasant and will include very few, if any, hard, coarse plant components.

As hay is a natural product, consistency may vary with the season.

Analytical constituents

protein 15.5 %
fibre 30.0 %
ash 7.4 %
moisture 14.0 %


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