Pedigree Puppy Food

During the vital first stages of development, it is important to provide your puppy with everything they need for healthy growth. Pedigree offers a range of wet food, dry food and treats that are ideal for puppies and junior dogs.
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5 products

Pedigree Vital Puppy Chicken & Rice for growing dogs of breeds weighing 20 kg or more, specifically for meeting your growing dog's needs, boosts the immune system, easy to digest

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This complete balanced wet food comes in fabulous flavours each containing meat, vitamins & fibre in a tasty jelly. It is sugar-free & easy to digest – a tasty treat for every puppy!

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12 x 100g
£4.29£3.58 / kg
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Chewy, crunchy fun for your dog, in tasty bone marrow flavour with a delicious meaty filling in a crunchy outer shell. These treats are enriched with vitamins, minerals and omega-3.

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Pedigree Puppy Tubos 3 Pack

Pedigree Puppy Tubos Chews with Chicken for puppies. Rich calcium snack for developing teeth and gums.

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3 Treats (72g)
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Tasty chewy strips or sticks for dogs, in a range of flavours. These meaty treats are easy to portion, ideal for rewarding your dog, and with valuable omega-3, vitamins and minerals.

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Multi 4 Flavours (20 Snacks)
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Multi 3 Flavours (110 Snacks)
£5.49£0.69 / 100g