Pedigree Biscrok

Pedigree Biscrok are crunchy snacks with excellent ingredients that not only taste great, but also support the health and vitality of your dog. Important omega-3 fatty acids help to keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy, promoting a shiny, silky coat. Other useful vitamins and minerals can support your dog’s immune system and therefore improve his general well-being. Pedigree Biscrok are also completely free from artificial colours and flavourings. These snacks are therefore a great, guilt-free way to treat your dog every day.
    2 products
    2 products

    Crunchy bone-shaped dog snacks in 3 different flavours, with exquisite chicken, beef and lamb. With important omega-3, vitamins and minerals & no artificial colours or flavourings.

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    Crunchy, crispy treats in tasty bone shapes for dogs, with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins & minerals, in recipes free from artificial additives and support overall health & vitality.

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    2 Varieties from
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