Dog Toys & Sports Accessories

Keep your dog on its toes with dog toys and sports accessories!

All dogs love dog toys that get them exercising, and playing games that help to sharpen their senses, keep them agile and improve their coordination. At zooplus, we’ve got a wide selection of toys, which are suitable for all ages and breeds. Bright balls can liven up a game of fetch and snack balls always are very popular! Some dog toys are also a great way to support your dog's dental health. Chew toys are not only beneficial in strengthening jaw muscles but can also encourage the mechanical cleaning of teeth, helping to prevent plaque and tartar build up. If you are training your dog, you will certainly find something suitable in our Agility range!

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265 - 238 of 238 products
265 - 238 of 238 products

Fun, play and training for dogs

Choosing the right dog toys can be beneficial to both dog and owner. Almost every dog will have in-built play instincts, and playing together with their owner can help to strengthen the bond between you, as well as training your dog or simply passing some time. Balls to fetch, fun squeakers to chew, intelligence toys to test the brain or cuddly plush toys to snuggle - the possibilities are endless with dog toys! Catch your dog's eye with the great range of dog toys available here at zooplus, bringing fun and variety to your home, garden or local park!

How do dogs benefit from toys?


Nowadays, many dogs spend a lot of their time inside the house. However, it is important to remember that dogs descend from creatures that lived in the great outdoors and were free to move around as they pleased, so it is vital that we keep our modern domesticated dogs moving. Dog toys are the perfect way to keep your dog fit, to help stave off weight gain, diabetes, arthritis or other illnesses that can be caused by a lack of exercise.

Brain training

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures and can easily get bored, as well as experiencing the rest of the human emotional range! Intelligence toys can help to satisfy your dog's natural creativity and curiosity, leaving your dog feeling happy and satisfied. It has been proven that playing can also help to reduce stress, boredom, loneliness and tension. Our dogs make the best companions when they are physically and mentally fit.

Build trust

Most dogs are highly sociable, loving and friendly animals, with the need to feel as though they belong within a family or pack. Relationships, affection and playtime are all extremely important. Interacting with humans or other dogs also offers the chance to strengthen their sociable side. Taking regular time to play with your dog can also help to solidify the bond between you, and dog toys can be extremely beneficial in this. It can also have a therapeutic effect on you both, helping to encourage relaxation and keep daily stress at bay.

Strengthen teeth

Cleaning your dog's teeth regularly with a toothbrush can be an unpleasant challenge for everyone involved. However, dental dog toys can also help to keep your dog's teeth clean. Chewing helps to activate saliva production, which keeps gums healthy, as well as strengthening the jaw and sharpening teeth.

How do I find the perfect toy for my dog?

We hope that the following tips and advice can help you find the ideal toy for your dog!


Be sure that the size of toy you have chosen is suitable for the size of your dog. You need to be careful not to choose a toy that is too small and could be easily swallowed or choked on, especially if you have a larger breed dog.

Material & durability

Keep an eye on your dog's play behaviour - does your dog prefer to throw toys around? Bury them? Bite them? Cuddle them? Or simply carry them around? Choose something tough and long-lasting if you know your dog will be chewing, a soft material for cuddlers, lighter toys for the dogs that will carry them around all day, and a natural material if it is going to end up buried in the garden!


Make sure there are no small parts on the toy that your dog could easily swallow. Always read any advice that comes with a toy and make sure it contains nothing toxic or potentially harmful.

Easy to clean

In order to make your life that little bit easier, choose a dog toy that is washable or waterproof.

What types of dog toy can I find at zooplus?

There are so many different types of dog toy that it can sometimes be difficult to choose which to go for. Here you can find a brief overview of the varieties of toy we have here at zooplus.


Keep your dog active for hours on end! Squeaker toys are often machine washable and perfect for a game of fetch, with enticing noises to keep your dog captivated.

KONG toys

Easy to clean toys made from natural rubber, KONG is renowned for producing products that dogs adore! They are perfect for dogs that love to chew and most of the toys have holes inside that can be filled with food or treats for added entertainment.

Water toys

These floating dog toys are a great choice for dogs that love the water, allowing your dog to combine swimming and fetch for complete joy!

Intelligence toys

Test your dog's mental agility with a range of intelligence toys and puzzles here at zooplus, designed to get your dog's brain working and helping to train the memory.

Chew toys

Perfect for teething puppies or dogs that love to chew! These types of toys can also help support dental health.

Can I use toys to train my dog?

Whether you are hoping to train your dog to take part in agility and dog sports, or are simply looking for an easy way to make training fun, here at zooplus we offer a great range of products to help keep your dog fit. There are plenty of interactive toys and training accessories that are ideal for supporting training. After a few weeks of jumping through hoops, clearing obstacles and winding through slaloms, your dog is bound to be practically a professional!

What else can I find at zooplus?

As well as fun toys for your dog, we also offer a range of accessories to allow you to bring your dog along on bike rides or walks. For an extra little treat, browse the selection of special offers and new products we have to offer you!